Oh. My. Gosh. This collab stage is awesome, awesome, awesome! ^_^ Dara’s voice truly does sound great in acoustic pieces (I remember YG Life’s live, acoustic performance of “Missing  You” and she did beautifully) and this time, it’s no exception! She sounded awesome! ❤ And of course, CL, Bom, and Minzy did great as well! Sam Kim is just 15, and he’ll go far if he keeps on working as hard as he is now! He did great with the arrangement, though there were some points in the performance where 2NE1’s power vocals overshadowed him a bit, but in the end, it was a pretty dope stage! Congratulations to Sam Kim for making it into the top two! ❤

140406 Sam Kim- 2NE1 Collaboration Stage on Kpop Star Season 3 – Lonely


Comments on: "Video: 140406 Sam Kim- 2NE1 Collaboration Stage on Kpop Star Season 3 Performing Lonely" (13)

  1. Pppppppppp said:

    And finally 2NE1 performed in this show! The contestants has been singing their songs especially Lonely and I remember this girl in Season 1 who sang Dara’s part in Lonely off key then YG helped her by singing that part she was having trouble with and JYP got shocked and laughed at him when he sang! Ahahahahah

  2. Pppppppppp said:

    This is not a win win situation when 2NE1 performs poorly they will get the ire of the whole knetizens and get criticise for it! Either way it is better to be criticise by saying how powerful and great they are than get a bad criticism by saying they perform poorly and not up to 2NE1’s standard. Its better they perform the way they should! Sam Kim was great too. I love how he mase this song into a different version of the original Lonely.

  3. It’s the contestant who needs to step up not the other way around. I still think that Sam did a good job, though.

  4. Wow I didn’t realize Sam was so young!!

  5. He’s only 15?!!! OMG what. o_o He’s like half Dara’s age LOL Didn’t look like it tho. But I gotta say, Dara was awesome! Her voice is so beautiful~~~~~~ ❤❤❤ And her whole get up, I love it! She’s stunning! ^^

  6. He was probably so nervous too having “2NE1” there! But good for him, I hope he does well. I didn’t know he was so young.

  7. I love how Dara smiles to him on their rehearsals.
    I also love the way Dara and Sam somewhat fit together. Whenever he somehow answers with Dara’s part. I just love it!

  8. @Nessadin0..I completely disagree. I think it was him who needed to come out and sing louder and more confidently. All the girl seemed like they were looking at him to sing louder, and smiling at him to give him confident, but he held back. Yeah, the girls have strong vocals, including Dara, but I don’t think it was their fault AT ALL. No need to blame them for stealing the show..it is their original song, OF course they sound more awesome even if they try to hold back. 2ne1 as a whole, seemed like they wanted to give him encouragement

  9. nessadin0 — It was nice he had all of 2NE1 there with him but volume wise, I agree, I think the girls voices are too strong to be a good match, or he needed to come out a little stronger to balance them. It looked like Bom was trying to hold back and didn’t come out as strong as she normally does. But yes, his best match seems to have been with with Dara’s voice. Glad to see he made it on to the top 2 spots.

    • nessadin0 said:

      Yeah I could also see them try to hold back a bit, but their voices are just naturally powerful. If they hold back anymore it’d take away from the song. He has a great voice and am so proud also that he made it in top 2. Very talented for a 15 year old young man. Would really like to see an acoustic stage with just him and Dara both playing guitars I think it’s be pretty cool.

  10. I’m always in awe whenever I see her! She’s so pretty and I heard her voice loud and clear! Hope they’ll give her a ssancoustic song 😀 So happy~ 2ne1 and Sam Kim Fighting ❤

  11. This is my personal opinion and I hope to not get hate from this, but I think this performance would have been better if it was just Dara singing with him because their voices go really well with each other. And he wouldn’t be overpowered on certain parts since it is his time to shine and he’s the contestant. I love the other girls, but I feel like they could have let him shine more or be heard more since like I said before he’s the contestant. This is my personal opinion please do not attack me.

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