OMG you guys! This is it! Didn’t we want a longer audio of Dara playing the guitar? And now here’s Ssancoustic! Seems that Dara went to CL-roo’s room to play the guitar and then CL decided to sing along with her! ❤ OMG DaRin! ❤ But wahhh you guys! Lonely! Dara is playing the guitar to Lonely! It’s quite a hard song to play because of the chords. It’s in E major, so basically the family of E would give a lot of sharps and sharp-minors, but Dara pulled it off! ❤ So so so proud of our baby girl! Our Hongdae goddessssss! ❤

130815 LINE CL – Lonely (Accompaniment by Dara)

BRsLlQUCEAAkP27.jpg large


Youtube: 채 톡

Source: 2NE1 Line

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Line: Ssancoustic Dara Gives an Impressive Rendition to “Lonely” as she Accompanies CL-Roo" (9)

  1. Reblogged this on The Baddest Female and commented:
    Chaera is back ohh nooo 😀

  2. Wow!! So proud of her!!! I’ve been dying to know how her guitar playing was coming along and to hear her play. Woohoo!! Great job Dara, please do a video next time as well. I think you’d look super cool 🙂

  3. newcertifiedblackjack said:

    hopefully, YG will listen and consider what we Dara fans want. We want her to have a solo and playing her guitar. her voice will suit an acoustic song. as well as we want to see her often in variety shows. if only i can talk to YG….

    • Sunrise Angel said:

      AGREED!!!!!!! i love acoustic songs, unfortunately shit music(rap songs/autotune songs) rulez this year…ugh…i hope beautiful real music make a come back!!

  4. She made it! After her years of practice (she was practicing it since 2NE1TV) she made it! I’ll be selfish as well as greedy right now, Dara-unnie full version juseyo ~ if not, just the full version of SsangPark of You and I. Please?? 😀

    I’m a good, very good kid so please grant my wish! I know its not Christmas yet! 😀 Hihi! SPECIAL STAGE! SPECIAL STAGE!!

  5. dara pls do a cover of that xx

  6. Ann Saturinas said:


  7. Omg hol shit! Things just got real!! I’m so proud of Dara like foreal, she learned how to play the guitar ahhh so proud of her!! Dara playing the guitar plus CL singing is EARGASSMMMM omg I wanna see them perform it live now while Dara plays the guitar!!! -spazzing-!!!!!!

  8. YangWaltz said:

    0mg!!! Dara unnie u’re great.i really loved s0und great always.DaRin jjangg~!!

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