Oh how I’ve missed these fanvids! Here’s another All About Dara video for us to enjoy! ^_^

Thanks so much @Cherry84Addict! ^^

Comments on: "Goodie: All About Dara (Part 11)" (9)

  1. May i know from 0:00-0:06 is from which photoshot? May i have the link please..appreciate much thank you:)

  2. Travis Payne is the best fanboy! He’s reaction is epic. LOLOL

  3. so cute after the eye contact (w/ chanyeol)… =) like a shy teen… love her!!!

  4. Dara unnie, so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!, just be happy all the time !!!!!! <3333333

  5. love dara……

  6. Happy, happy, joy,joy! So much love for our Dara. Why? Because she is not only beautiful on the outside, she glows from within!

  7. I just can’t get enough of her,, if I could only have her,, I wouldn’t need a boyfriend,,hmhmh seriously, that guy is such a fanboy,,

  8. ohhhhhh….. i really like the video thanks for making this i hope theres a lot to watch….

  9. ckjack_bla said:

    Travis Payne! LMAO Now I know why the dancers were restraining the hands of the lucky fanboys!

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