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Goodie: All About Dara (Part 11)

Oh how I’ve missed these fanvids! Here’s another All About Dara video for us to enjoy! ^_^

Thanks so much @Cherry84Addict! ^^

Goodies/Video: All About Dara (Part 9)

Weeeee!!! Another “All About Dara” video from @Cherry84Addict! This video is full of Dara lovin’! And I see many fanboys added to Dara’s long list. Wooot! ^^ 

Credit: Cherry84Addict@vimeo

Video: [Fanmade] All About Dara (Part 7)! <3

Thanks so much to  ❤ I hope you don’t get tired of making such wonderful videos. Love love love ❤ Part 7 is here y’all! 😀