Thanks so much to  ❤ I hope you don’t get tired of making such wonderful videos. Love love love ❤ Part 7 is here y’all! 😀


Comments on: "Video: [Fanmade] All About Dara (Part 7)! <3" (8)

  1. princess said:

    who is watching sandara on his cellphone at the last part?

  2. LuvuDara said:

    ….thank u Cherry84Addict and ohdara for d vid…i Luv all ur vids abt our DaLong!!!,,,…pyong!!! ^_^

  3. 2ne1doll said:

    Love love love it! ❤ Cherry84Addict, love all your Dara vids! Keep ’em coming! 😀

  4. OMG…I love you Cherry84Addict, all your videos about Dara’s fanboys and Hyper Dara are on my playlist on yt. Just thanks so much, really. Waaaa I was hoping for part 7 and finally….*fangirl mode*

  5. thank you for sharing….thank you Cherry84Addict.

  6. I love “All about Dara” part 7 but some of the latest fanboys were missing ha-ha…it needs to be re-done. Thanks Cherry84addict and Oh Dara for sharing/posting Dara’s fanboys. Goddess Dara is such a lucky noona to have all these HOT young male idols craving for her attention while baby brother Cheondoong is trying as much as he can to protect his noona from all these HOT young male idols ha-ha…Goddess D fighting!!! ^_^

  7. ooohhh what’s this??
    2NE1indo 2NE1 FC Indonesia
    aku jarang update couple couple gt kok RT @dishars: Adminnya @2NE1indo Daragon biased yaaaa? 😀 jangan biased (cont)

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