Dara’s picture, the one she shared on twitter when she was at the YG cafeteria minus the line sticker, was seen on display at J. Estina’s store. Seems like her sling bag is a newly released item ^_^


eat well darong

Credit: to owner

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Dara’s Picture Spotted on Display at J. Estina’s Store" (11)

  1. truely,her fans really wants 2 know everything she does,wear,eats,places she go to ,people she associate with,if she is happy or sad and the big question and really puzzles us fans if she has a BF,WE LIKE HER INTERMINGLE WITH actors or idols and have drama too,that’s how powerful DARA’s charisma is

  2. AlohaDara said:

    thank you always PRINCESSEXXI/ADMIN!

    Everything Dara wears, movies she watches, places she goes to, and food she eats is an automatic endorsement. You see these companies, artists, reblog what she puts up to let everyone else know that Dara wears it etc. That is the power of our Dara! She understands this power and is so willing to help up anyway she can without being a official endorser in many cases. That’s why she is so loved.

  3. Did dara post the pic before the bag was officially released? I’m not really aware of the timeline. Maybe it was a gift from the company… I don’t know, there are a lot of possibilities…

  4. the photo that Dara uploaded has line sticker, but the one on the store doesn’t. So my guess is they had Dara’s permission to post it and asked for her photo. Let’s wait maybe she will also endorse this brand.

  5. hi i just want to share my thoughts about the endorsement of bag … maybe dara receive that sling bag as a gift from the company that’s why they had her photo in that stall. not particularly as an endorser :).

  6. AlohaDara said:

    PRINCESSEXXI/ ADMIN, Can you take Killuminati off this site. Its been awhile since we had a hater/troll bringing filth to our site.
    killuminati, if you are a Dara fan, shame on you for degrading this site. If you don’t like GD or anybody, go outside and have fun talking trash with your own evil kine.

  7. maybe Dara is Semi endorsing the product.. heheheh
    is there such thing as like that? That;s kind of weird that her picture is that looks like she is one of the endorser..
    and here is also possibility that the J. Estina provide products to selected YG people..
    I don’t know…

  8. If they asked permission then it’s fine. Who knows, the bag may have come directly from the brand and not GD.

  9. That’s exactly what I was thinking too.. I don’t think that’s legal either.. but who knows!

  10. desiweelovesapples said:

    Is that even allowed?? I mean sure GD and Dara are label mates but she’s not an endorser of the brand though… We’ll not that I know of….

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