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Fan-Taken: 170926 Dara at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (Back to Korea)

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Fan-Taken: 170923 Dara and Thunder Arriving in Manila for tvN Asia’s One Night Food Trip Filming


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Fan-Taken: 170902 Dara at Ninoy Aquino International Airport T1 in Manila on the way to Seoul

Credit: As Tagged + @agentshoji + kimgulgul

SN Photos: 160331 Beautiful Dara at Incheon International Airport and NAIA Philippines

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Credit: Sweet November

Photos: 150728 Unseen Fantaken Pics of Chic Sandara Park at NAIA Airport, Philippines

Taken at NAIA when she arrived last week.. ^^





Source: Isis via @WeLoveDara

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Photos: 140705 Glowing Dara With Some Staff At Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines

Uwaaaah!!! Dara is really here in the Philippines!!! OMG! I am pretty sure she’s here to support Lydia’s show in Manila on Aug. 7! What a supportive friend! Good thing I already bought tickets to the show, kekeke! Hoping to see her there! ^_^

Here are some photos of Dara with some staff at the airport. According to some reliable sources, Dara arrived in Manila at 11 am today, and will be leaving on Aug. 9 straight to Vietnam for their concert there. ^^





Source: mike_ohashi + danlovees
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Fancam: 140521 We Love Dara’s Fancam and Cute Conversation with Dara at NAIA Airport Going Back to Korea

Yennie is the luckiest fangirl ever! And Dara is the sweetest and cutest! ❤

140521 Dara at NAIA Airport Going Back to Korea 

Credits: WeLoveDara

[INFO] 2NE1 will be arriving in Manila on June 3!

This is it, Blackjacks and Dara-lings! 🙂

2NE1 will be arriving in Manila, Philippines  (NAIA Terminal 1) on June 3, 2011 at 11:25/30AM via Asiana Airlines! (credit: HappeeSy)

Special Request from Pulp: To those who are going to the airport to greet 2NE1, please don’t mob the girls and welcome them respectfully! ^^ (tweeted by: WeLoveDara)

For those who can go to NAIA Terminal 1 tomorrow to welcome 2NE1, please do so! And if you can bring banners, all the better!  🙂

2NE1, nolja! ❤