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  1. oh my! even if I am in the US I can clearly feel the excitement of the concert in the Phil. I keep myself updates by checking on 2ne1’s twitter fansites. thank u guys, because of u Im still awake at this moment.

    waiting for more pictures and fancams. YeY!

  2. Dara4ever said:

    Acc0rdng po the news last night..they are g0ing to headed back in korea right away, so it means that their are n0 tv guèsting in any tv netw0rk…

    ^-^ you guys are always the fastest in updating us…we l0ve you admins!

    ~>p.s..fancams on youtube plz..

  3. […] Photos: Mabuhay, 2NE1! ❤ Finally, 2NE1 has arrived in Manila! […]

  4. The girls are really pretty mst specially dara. She’s glowing and really looked so happy that she’s back in the philippines once again. I really like their airport fashion they all look so cool. Im so excited to watch them later at the araneta. I can’t wait to see dara perform live once again. This so epic. I love this girls their all pretty and talented.2ne1 fighting!!!

  5. Im really really disappointed to abs cbn . i was very excited to see 2ne1 in news but no one is coverage!! SHIT! i wish even there fancam or concert will be news in Abs Cbn . Even a Second only please :”(( why there so unfair . wait can’t ask more . if they will not be guesting in abs cbn , are they guesting in gma or party pilipinas ?

  6. […] approximately 200 to 300 of their avid fans in the airport. For the rest of the photos, head on to Ohdara. Do stay tuned for more updates on 2NE1′s first stage in the […]

  7. daragonlove said:

    i dunno if this is true, i’ve seen it in YT that the ABS has an agreement with YGE that there should be no coverage except for the presscon and concert…how sad…

  8. daragonlove said:

    wah..i dont have TV in my apartment, but based on your comment i cannot believe that abs did not cover the arrival of 2ne1…how disappointing!

  9. danelle said:

    off to go….im excited to watch the concert!
    2ne1 nolja!

  10. YG, thank you for this chance to see Dara again. Look at her, she’s sooo happy. Even in pics, her glow is different. The Filipinos will be smitten with her again just like before and gee, aren’t we all in love with them (2NE1) already?

  11. madz_Parker said:

    seeing all the pictures. i can say that darong really misses the country.
    so happy for her. thanks yg! ;D

  12. watch this !!!

    • mnemoncz said:

      bat sa kabila binalita??….hai….mukhang pera talaga ung abs…sory sa mga fans ha…..isa rin aq sa abs cbn fan pero masyado lng talaga aq na disapoint….

      • Yssabella said:

        Yeah, I agree… I’ve been waiting for online news from ABS-CBN but I haven’t found one yet… Btw, if MYX is the media partner and it’s owned by ABS, so they should have news or feature 2NE1 in their news and current affairs program… ^_^

        • malay nyo ba nman.. marami pa nman ang pwedeng magcover nun.. sa elive, tv patrol weekend, the buzz… buti nga sa abs-cbn eh.. kung sa gma.. ewan na lang.. haha

          saka myx ang may ari ng myx, ndi ba tau makokonte dun??

        • As a kapamilya to Sandara, it was just rightful to give respect to her new management. Although we may feel sad they didn’t post it on the news, myxphilippines under their label would sure have a special for it. Just gotta be patient and wait.

    • hmmm, watching this I just dont like the part were two people get caught in a little fight. and I also read an article bout this from abs. I guess pulp didnt handle very much the crowd especially the media who really wants to get an upclose pics.

  13. chinita_26 said:


  14. nenmaroon said:

    to those who will come in the Party… Please do a fancam to us who are not attending,,, 😥

    • Ya i agree:) please provide us with lots of fancams. We who can’t come will really really appreciate it. Thanks a lot in advance!:)

      • chinita_26 said:

        I will love this as well FANCAMS or hope they will perform in ASAP or Party Pilipinas 😦

  15. yes tomorrow is the big day see u guys tomorrow excited and happy!let’s party

  16. Dara looked so small but happy when she came out first…like her shoes sprouted wings…
    Bom..her tank top is see through and shorts is sooo shooort…
    while CL was full of contradictions…she was so cool, tall and regal..but her accessories/outfit is full of cool stuff..when she smiled…my kneess wobbled…ha ha..
    Minzy…dressed so simple…black and white..and her hair is black too..that’s why she wasn’t so visible…but she’s so cute! with chuby cheeks!

  17. springbom24 said:



    .they’re all beautiful.bommie unnie really has a perfect legs and she’s really pretty and dara,too.they have flawless and minzy so the teddy bear on cl’s bag..

    i’m just wondering.are they taking videos for 2NE1 tv season 3?’coz as you can see on some of the photos, you can see a man(black shirt with a teddy bear printed on it) filming and he’s not a mediaman from ph and i also spotted him on a can watch/see the fancam/photos excited now.haha.sorry,for not explaining so well.



    credits:pulpmagazine(photos) and trulyyoursabby(fancam)

    • eyszha08 said:

      i think the owner of the fancam is a maranao.. so happy to hear that there were a maranao blackjacks..
      anyway.. i’m hoping for a fancam tmrw at thier concert..

  18. DARA is the most excited ! haha, PLZ more more pics.. lol

  19. Dara ra rag! said:

    Why only a few pics. Huhu I so want more! Cmon bus share your paparazzi photos!

  20. lois200 said:

    Thanks for the pics everyone! I wish i was  the Phils. I really, really want to watch the girls perform. 😦
    I keep refreshing ohdara for new pictures and news about the girls being in Manila. Dara looks so happy in the first picture. She must be really glad to be back in the Phils. Please keep posting updates please!!! Thanks again!

  21. Dara4ever said:

    The lucky bj’s and applers!!i’m so jeal0us of u guys!d0nt f0rget ur vide0 cam f0r t0m.huh,plz!and r they g0ing to guest 0n any abs sh0w?

  22. smartee said:

    waaaah!!!! wish i was there!! my ladies are so fineeee…cant contain my excitement now..1 more sleep..1 more sleep…

  23. arsheen said:

    ahhhhhh!!!! this post is so fast!!! i was there!!! i am the one in black shirt holding the black banner with pink 2ne1 name and doing the 2ne1 sign.. ahahaha.. this is definitely an experience of a lifetime…

    after we went to the airport we headed at the hotel.. we waited for 2ne1 to come out and we saw them!!! we were so close… dara and her flawless skin is definitele stunning… she is really gorgeous… cl is also gorgeous.. i love her blonde hair.. minzy is so cute… and bom is so pretty… can’t wait for the concert tomorrow…

  24. Applers Are Also There .

  25. Can i ask something/ is 2ne1 will be guesting in ELIVE or ASAP ROCKS ?

    • mnemoncz said:

      as of now…im hoping cuz even a newz in abs, there;s none…still i wish that i will see them guest in that show….if not, i will be really disapointed

      • Yssabella said:

        Dear… pls don’t be disappointed… Because they don’t have TV guesting… let’s support them all the way! ♥♥♥ 2NE1 and Dara most! ^_^

  26. cake is soo cute!!..

  27. lol. i see myself in the crowd! haha…

    dara really looks happy to be back in the Philippines. 🙂

  28. at last i have been waiting for’re the fastest!..thank you for sharing this!..^^, please keep us posted!..

  29. yah! you’re so lucky guyz to see the 2ne1 girls so close. l♥ve the 2ne1 esp. Sandy♥♥♥

  30. Waa-_- You guys are so lucky to be able to see them in person. Argh. I’m so jealous:( anyways..2ne1 girls are looking healthy and oh-so pretty!

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