Comments on: "Feature: [PhilStar] The triumphant return of Sandara Park" (14)

  1. arsheen said:

    i always loved dara from the start. i was so young then but i really feel so sorry for her everytime she is being laughed at… she is so special and talented…

    i loved he even more because she never hated anyone instead strived harder to prove critics wrong… and where is the krung-krung now? she is a top star who will soon conquer the world!!!

  2. i remembered i saw her interview about this issue and she gracefully answered the issue bravely well…she even joked about it…
    dara is such a genuine person…
    a pure-kind-hearted person is really rare!!!
    thats why she is a gem to all dara fans everywhere!!!

  3. lorenadenise said:

    i cannot help my tears while reading this article.i was so sad when she left the philippines and live there in korea. buti’m soooooo happy right now that she’s making it big in korea.

  4. Darkcruzader said:

    Imma give this a loud “clap100000x” she did not hold back, and this is how u know she’s a true trooper!!!

  5. That’s the first thing I loved about Dara: Her Honesty.

    Here’s a Sandara Park article dated back 2009 when 2ne1 first came into the music scene

  6. nenmaroon said:

    I love and respect you more Dara! 🙂

  7. alexg23 said:

    wow! I couldn’t believe Dara would be that blunt.. I respect her more.. An amazing person indeed.. ^_^

  8. and this is one of the million reasons why we love you, Dara unnie!! You are beautiful.. in and out.:)

  9. bleighton_chaera! said:

    She really is exceptional!love her more..

  10. I heart Dara for not being scared of speaking her mind!

  11. I usually am just a lurker, but this article right here deserves praise. Good read. 🙂

  12. sinira mo ang buhay ng dalawang tao! WOW
    she’s so mature despite her youthful look right!!
    even people her age can’t say anything like that or they just gonna act cutesy and all tsk tsk or avoid the question she really says what’s on her mind!!
    dara park is one unique individual she even act like nothing happened at all! that’s why i love her she don’t hold grudges and didn’t make it a big deal!!!!
    i love you dara!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yssabella said:

    I hope Quark will make a movie for Dara and will be able to convince YG even just for once… because we miss Dara so much of doing acting activities in the Philippines… Even mini drama like MMK… ♥♥♥

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