This is it, Blackjacks and Dara-lings! 🙂

2NE1 will be arriving in Manila, Philippines  (NAIA Terminal 1) on June 3, 2011 at 11:25/30AM via Asiana Airlines! (credit: HappeeSy)

Special Request from Pulp: To those who are going to the airport to greet 2NE1, please don’t mob the girls and welcome them respectfully! ^^ (tweeted by: WeLoveDara)

For those who can go to NAIA Terminal 1 tomorrow to welcome 2NE1, please do so! And if you can bring banners, all the better!  🙂

2NE1, nolja! ❤

Comments on: "[INFO] 2NE1 will be arriving in Manila on June 3!" (23)

  1. I hope my schedule allows me to watch tomorrow nights concert! Cuz if I don’t, I’d be dying inside as soon as 7pm approaches.

  2. kaka-inggit!!! mga ate plzzz fancam damihan nyu huhuhu T_T
    i’m seriously crying right now!! namiss ko rin tuloy ang pinas tapos pupunta pa dyan and idols ko T_T
    2ne1 jjang!!!!!!! blackjacks sali nyu ko sa party ha!!!!!!!!!!!
    sigawan to the max ang show nyo bukas!!! oh my gawd!!!
    i love you 2ne1 and blackjacks!!!

  3. lorenadenise said:

    it’s already 12:00 in the afternoon.are they here in the Philippines now?have they arrived?

  4. arsheen said:

    hey guys!!! i just went online to check if anyone will go to the airport… i’ll be going there few minutes from now!!! im so excited to see them!!! concert is tomorrow… awesome!!!

  5. Yssabella said:

    WeLoveDara confirmed that 2ne1 is just here for The Party concert. They’re very busy these days… It’s ok, as long as they can rest and enjoy their short stay in the Philippines… Now, I’ll just have to wait for all the posts and updates of the concert since I can’t watch… I so ♥♥♥ 2NE1 CL, Bom, Minzy and DARA! ^_^

  6. no guesting? aw! I’m really expecting it on Showtime !

  7. Pulp Live Productions: No 2NE1 tv guestings in Manila! someone from facebook post this….

    • Yssabella said:

      Really?! Whoah! That’s so sad for those who cannot watch the concert… (like me T.T) But why? they should have even just for one (like ASAP) it’s Dara’s dream, (one of those dreams she wants to happen in the Philippines, aside for having a concert in Araneta) remember?

  8. Well, for me.. 2ne1 will not be that successful in the Philippines without DARA.

  9. Anonymous said:

    so, the writer for that article is a 2ne1 fan. 2ne1’s concert is tom ! ! ahh ! Let’s pray !

  10. Anonymous said:

    OhhhMAAAAGAAAd. lol, it’s already june 3, but i’m too far away from the airport ! Ohdara is soo fast when it comes to the news about this, waiting ! thanks too..

  11. Will they make any tv appearances or myx special where blackjacks can watch live and support them? I really wanna see 2NE1 up-close.!!! I learnt that YG accepted blackjack memberships until two months ago. Will they be the only privileged to meet this wonderful Ladies, just in case? Do we stand a chance of joining them?

  12. can we go beyond the 800 fans that met 2ne1 in Japan? haha. I’m excited for you, guys!

  13. arsheen said:

    NAIA is just a taxi away from my house… hehe… i better go to NAIA before i enroll in my school… haha… 2ne1 before enrollment? well, this is just a very rare chance…

  14. 2ne1 fanatic said:

    i know this is a moment of now or never…aw….i’m really disappointed, i said, i’m really going to watch…and going to buy vip..and besides i have many plan..but i’m not prepared..why the hell..wrong time…argg……i hate my self..arg…i’m so pissed off..arg..sorry for my bad english..actually i’m good in english..but i don’t know what happen to me..i guess i need to develop it again….

    • me too….i told to myself i have to save money for this but then some inevitable things happen that cannot be avoided…ARGg……..i may not see them today or not attend their concert tom because i have to work but to support them i bought their cd and even downloaded their songs ever since they debuted…..and for supporting GoDdess Darayah :D….although i don’t like pink 😀 i will wear it today and tomorrow and i even colored my nails with black and pink alternate :))….so if u saw someone like’s probably ME 😀 But one thing is for sure i will definitely save money so i can attend a full concert even once in mylife even it takes me to travel out of the country… i hope i’m not that old…hehehehe…2NE1 Fighting..welcome to the philippines…hope u enjoy ur stay…

  15. 2ne1 fanatic said:

    for the last chance..i will try to convince my that i could watch…even the upper box b..if not…i will just buy the cd and sad..i dream of it pa naman…this is the 1st time they are going to have concert here..and i said to myself..i’m really going to watch… and i would not miss it…because this is very so sad..why i’m so poor..and it might they cannot be back again..coz i know yg…and beside they will be buzy promoting in japan and us…but i hope they are going to have a concert again and how i wish is with that it would really be a wonderful concert…and by that i have money and really going to watch..and i’ll buy the most expensive ticket..the VIP!! woho..can’t wait for that day…as i said to myself before..i wish and pray to God that they would have a concert here but not this year, next year but my prayer did not answer..arg…why the hell..if i’m not asking it, it comes and if yes, does not..arg….

    • LOL… me, ever since their debut, i know that they will be going to the phils for a concert… since then i already save money little by little… and thats it! they’ll here tomorrow!!! Yup hope i hope in their next concert here, w/ BB, you will attend it too na… Fighting !!!

    • smartee said:

      oh i hope friend you could find a way to convince your parents..this is once in a lifetime chance (i hope not) but this will super fun..

  16. 2ne1 fanatic said:

    Oh my G. I’m so excited..can’t wait to see them…so sad…i could not attend the concert..coz i don’t have money…i will just go to the airport to see them atleast and their other activities here in the philippines like if they are going to abs, in the hotel and others…please also post… the other activites of them here in the philippines, time and place. aw naia 1…so shame..why of all the airport, this is were their going to land…how i wish they choose pal..atleast in naia 2…anyway..2ne1 fighting…

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