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DARA TV: DARALOG #ep.10 GET IT BEAUTY 겟잇뷰티 래퍼특집 with Mino, BI and One!


Source: DARA TV

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Photos: Gorgeous Park Siblings Pose with the Owner of the Cat Cafe in “Secretly, Greatly” Episode ~ A Long-Time Fan!

Park siblings with the legit owner of the cat cafe! ❤ She said she’s been a long-time fan of 2NE1 and Sandara Park! So she got a bit sad that she had to act to deceive her and Dara was cold in her reaction (as expected kekeke!).. ^^ But she was happy they got pictures after with the good-looking siblings! ❤




Source: park_sy0912 Naver Blog

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Photos: 160712 Pretty, Fierce Dara Goes on Exciting Rides at Clarke Quay Singapore

So adventurous, fearless Dara went to Clarke Quay to ride on this pretty scary-looking ride.. XD But what can we say, our goddess is fearless! XD






Source: Naver Blog

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Blog: 4EVER BlackJack’s President Sandara Park vowed her Eternal love with everyone of BlackJack Nolza in Seoul Tower via “Adventures of Da~Rabbit” Japanese Blog

The Adventures of DARAbbit Update~


I will go Shopping ^^


Does this hat looks good to me?


I came to eat pork cutlet~^^ Big pork  it was delicious!!


Then, I vowed eternal love with everyone of BlackJack Nolza in Seoul Tower. Please look for it when you come to Seoul Tower


Source and Translated by: @ilovegd21

Blog: Tourist Sandara Updates her Japanese Blog “Adventures of a Da~Rabbit” ~ “Went with a Happy Feeling!”

I’m happy Dara was able to fly to Japan because it was something she wanted, not something she needed to do for a schedule.. ❤


 I went to Japan at last. It is six months since the last time I went. I wanted to go all the time and waited expectantly. I went to the airport with a very happy feeling ^_^


This time, I went to Japan with my friend Kang Hyoni, a model. It was her first time in Japan. I guided her happily since I wanted to show her a lot of good Japanese food and other nice things! ^^


Source: Adventures of a Da~Rabbit Blog

Translated by: @ilovegd21

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Blog: Sweet Sandara Park Celebrates #7YearsWith2NE1 with Blackjack Nolza~ “Until We Come Back with Good Music, Please Stay Healthy”

Awww Dara.. ❤ We will wait until we can meet you and the girls on stage again! I choked on the “Until the day we come back with good music, please stay in good health” bit.. Ah, our Sandara! ❤ Fighting, don’t lose faith, Blackjacks will always be right behind you.. Thank you also for the love, effort, talent, and heart that you’ve given for all of us.. ❤ 2NE1, Nolza!


To celebrate our 7th anniversary since debut, to reminisce on those days.
I took a photo with clothes and hairstyle at the time of debut, after a long time.
7 years, thank you for always cheering for us. And for being there always, we also want to last forever with BLACKJACK NOLZA.
Until the day we come back with good music, please stay in good health.

I want to meet you!!!
I love you!!!


Source: Adventures of Da~Rabbit Blog via @ilovegd21

Translated by: @ilovegd21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Lucky Naver Blogger Meets Sandara Park by Accident at Dosan Park ~ “She’s Really Very Pretty”

“Dosan Park”

They went to Dosan Park for a date with her dongsaeng and friends. They went to Le Cafe and Hermes Cafe…

“We accidentally met 2NE1’s Sandara
And was able to ask for a selca~~!!
(my) heart throbbed 🙂
(Made it sound like an every day thing, no big deal, when in fact it was a huge deal)


Our Sandara who can be seen at the left side of this picture
She’s one of those thin celebrities who I really like


After looking around, I finally mustered the courage to ask for one picture

Selca with Dara success

(She’s really very pretty)


Source: Madzu Naver Blog

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Blog: Dara Shares her Cute, New Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera on her Japanese Blog, Adventures of Da~Rabbit

Dara is so pretty~!!! ❤ And I love her new Polaroid! Hello Kitty! ❤


Dara~bbit “Polaroid”

A cute, new Polaroid camera!!!
Since I couldn’t go to Japan recently, I asked my friends that went there (to get the camera).
I also have a lot of Polaroid films.
I’ll take a lot of cute photos!


Translated by: RingoESP

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Blog: 151110 DARAbbit Updates Her Japanese Blog – “Today I went to an amusement Park…”

The Adventures of DARAbbit Update~ “DARAbbit  rides the No.1 scary roller coaster in Korea”


Today I went to an amusement park! I was challenge to No.1 scary roller coaster in Korea!!! Because I had got on many scary vehicles in Fuji-Q, I was able to get on! I had fun!


Source and Translated by: @ilovegd21

Photos: SNxTDxBaidu Sandara’s Birthday Project for Dara’s 32nd Birthday ~ Digital Posters at Sichon Station

Close up look of Dara’s digital poster at Sichon station! A beautiful Collaboration Birthday Project of SN x TD x Baidu Sandara for our dear Sandara Park. The Birthday advertisement boards will be displayed at  Sichon station until December 10, 2015! ❤ 

So pretty right?! ❤


6 7 8 9


Photo Source: + 21SweetNovember,Treasure Dara,Sandara Bar China;DC2NE1