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Photos: SNxTDxBaidu Sandara’s Birthday Project for Dara’s 32nd Birthday ~ Digital Posters at Sichon Station

Close up look of Dara’s digital poster at Sichon station! A beautiful Collaboration Birthday Project of SN x TD x Baidu Sandara for our dear Sandara Park. The Birthday advertisement boards will be displayed at  Sichon station until December 10, 2015! ❤ 

So pretty right?! ❤


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Photo Source: + 21SweetNovember,Treasure Dara,Sandara Bar China;DC2NE1


Photos: Dara Fansites Share Cute Pictures of Adorable, Beautiful Sandara Park ~ “Merry Christmas!”

Happy, happy holidays to all the amazing Dara fansites too! More power to you guys and we are all indeed very grateful to all of you! Let’s all continue to support Dara in all her endeavours in the coming years! ❤ 





Sources: @ohmygoddessDARA @21SweetNovember @TreasureDARA

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