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Blog: Sweet Sandara Park Celebrates #7YearsWith2NE1 with Blackjack Nolza~ “Until We Come Back with Good Music, Please Stay Healthy”

Awww Dara.. ❤ We will wait until we can meet you and the girls on stage again! I choked on the “Until the day we come back with good music, please stay in good health” bit.. Ah, our Sandara! ❤ Fighting, don’t lose faith, Blackjacks will always be right behind you.. Thank you also for the love, effort, talent, and heart that you’ve given for all of us.. ❤ 2NE1, Nolza!


To celebrate our 7th anniversary since debut, to reminisce on those days.
I took a photo with clothes and hairstyle at the time of debut, after a long time.
7 years, thank you for always cheering for us. And for being there always, we also want to last forever with BLACKJACK NOLZA.
Until the day we come back with good music, please stay in good health.

I want to meet you!!!
I love you!!!


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Instagram: 2NE1’s Fresh Vocal Sandara Park Celebrates #7YearsWith2NE1 with Debut Hairstyle + Outfit ~ “Thank You Blackjacks”

Dara trending #7YearsWith2NE1 with the fandom got me really emotional.. T_T And I love how she gave tribute to the group during the last Sugarman episode… T_T Dara-ya, we will continue to support 2NE1.. FIGHTING! ❤




090517~ Thank you Blackjacks 🙏❤️❤️❤️ #7YearsWith2NE1


These days the fashion is frozen people, right?! ✌🏼☝🏻


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