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Blog: Dara Shares her Cute, New Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera on her Japanese Blog, Adventures of Da~Rabbit

Dara is so pretty~!!! ❤ And I love her new Polaroid! Hello Kitty! ❤


Dara~bbit “Polaroid”

A cute, new Polaroid camera!!!
Since I couldn’t go to Japan recently, I asked my friends that went there (to get the camera).
I also have a lot of Polaroid films.
I’ll take a lot of cute photos!


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Photo: Dara Shares her Yummy-Looking Ramen in “Adventures of Da~Rabbit” Blog ~ “Now In LA, But Went to a Japanese Ramen Shop”

And of course, Dara and her love for ramen! Kekekeke! ^^ 



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Photos: Dara Shares More Pictures from her recent “Dara Tour” on “Adventures of Da~Rabbit” Japanese Blog

More photos of Dara with the “We Broke Up” during their vacation in the Philippines!

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Blog: Dara-Chan Shares on “Adventures of Da~Rabbit” that she is Busy Doing a Lot on Weekdays ~ “Living Like Like a Student”

And I am wondering what those various things that keeps Dara busy during Weekdays?  What ever it is, Fighting Sandy !!!


Trans: I’m very busy on weekdays because  I am recently studying those a lot of new things, so working hard every day. Like a student, I become free on Sundays, so I go out to meet a friend, eat meals, and enjoy some conversation.

Is it right? I’m looking forward to Sunday. So hard weekdays,let’s do our best! Fight ^^



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Blog: Vampire Dara-Chan is Scared of Garlic? “I’m a Vampire Because of my Baby Face?!”

Kekekeke! Well, garlic is said to be fatal to vampires, so here she is playing with this tidbit.. XD


Vampire Dara-chan ~. Garlic is scary LOL. Actually…my nickname is vampire. Why? Because of my baby face!?


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Blog: Straight-Haired Dara Shows Three Polaroid Pictures ~ “Present!”

Oohhh, who’s in the pictures? ^^ Is it 2NE1? ^^




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Blog: Quirky Dara Shares how her Eyebrows Went on a “Business Trip” During Hair Conditioning

Kekekeke, I know a friend whose eyebrows also go on vacation when she doesn’t put make-up on it.. ^^ Still so pretty though! ❤


This was taken during hair conditioning. Because I wasn’t wearing any make-up, my eyebrows went on a business trip. 


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Blog: Caffeine-Deprived Dara Shares a Cute, Warm BTS Photo ~ “Please Look Forward to ‘We Broke Up!'”

Awww, Dara looks so cute! ❤ FIGHTING FIGHTING!


I took a photo through the night, with coffee that I can’t drink. All BLACKJACK NOLZA~ Please looking forward to my New WEB Drama “We Broke Up” ^.^



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Photos: Cute Foodie Dara Shares her Japanese Ramen Meal with Jjangmae in her Blog

Weeeee! Dara is so cute! And oh wow, I want to be Jjangmae, able to go out with Dara and eat food with her.. XD





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Photos: Pouting, Cute Sandara Park Shares her “Really Cold” Filming Experience for Dr. Ian on her Japanese Blog “Adventures of DA~RABBIT”

It was really, really cold! Even the cast, the food support crew, and the stars commented on how cold it was! TT__TT But I’m sure Dara was excited and happy to be working, even though she had to go to the stove heater a lot.. ^_^ 



The only reliable location was in front of the heater, it was really cold.


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