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Blog: Tourist Dara Shares Another Picture of Jjangmae and Herself Enjoying Hawaii ~ “Tourists on Display”

Tourist Dara


Tourists on display


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Photos: Pouting, Cute Sandara Park Shares her “Really Cold” Filming Experience for Dr. Ian on her Japanese Blog “Adventures of DA~RABBIT”

It was really, really cold! Even the cast, the food support crew, and the stars commented on how cold it was! TT__TT But I’m sure Dara was excited and happy to be working, even though she had to go to the stove heater a lot.. ^_^ 



The only reliable location was in front of the heater, it was really cold.


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Photo: Dara updates her Japanese blog – “Da-rabbit”



How cute and gorgeous 




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Blog: DaRabbit Shows Us Her Homework – “Today’s Homework Is Impossible”

Awww, Dara shows us her homework and tells us how she studies hard to learn Japanese. Student Dara, fighting! ^_^

darablog4.2 darablog4.1

Today’s homework is slightly impossible.
This is my article.
It is an article translated into Japanese in Japan.
I study to see this again.
It becomes the interview exercise in Japan.
I can do interviews by myself now.
But an interview is also studying!
Please mask an interview. Please.


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Blog: Santokki (@krungy21) Updates her Japanese Blog – “This is my new assignment…”

Dara updated her Japanese blog with a photo of some Japanese words. Do you think she’s honing her Japanese skills? Is this new music? Is this old music? ^_^ What do you guys think?

It’s been a long while since I studied Japanese. I forgot some of it because I stopped studying for 1 month. But its not yet ok. My teacher told me it’s enjoyable! ho ho ho

This is my new assignment! I must memorize it! At first I’m really worried… Can you be able to do this?!.. But I memorized it! Today I’m already using it!

Note: The text on the paper is the opening line from Dara’s favorite Japanese drama, “Hotaru no Hikari”!

An old memory during summer, my grandma found a small firefly in the veranda.

Grandma said that the firefly should go back to its original habitat so she sent the firefly away.

Every summer when i was young I remembered holding a firefly in my hand and it seems like its light is fading.



Source: Dara’s Japanese Blog via @tonyaaa1217ton

Translated by: joji@OhDara (From the comments section! Thank you!)

Blog: Dara Opens Her Own Japanese Blog – “”Adventures of DA~RAbbit”

So we have new exciting news! ^_^ Dara just opened her first and very own Japanese blog! It is called “DA〜RAビットの冒険” which means “Adventures of DA~RAbbit”!

Unfortunately, this blog is only available to  Japanese Blackjack Nolza Members!  T_T They are the official Japanese Blackjacks!

Good for us though, our Japanese friends have been so nice and shared to us DARA’S FIRST EVER POST entitled “START ADVENTURE…”



Start Adventure

hello blackjacks! i’m DARA.
I have big news today!
I’m going to start my blog!
the title is
“Adventures of DA〜RAbbit”
I’ll show you what I am doing daily.please lookforward to it.

and the first adventures…
FUJI-QHILAND(Amusement park)


I rode E-JYANAIKA, DO-DONPPA,and TONDEMI-NA. (Roller coaster’s name)
I tried to challenge Although I was scared.
it is very cold cuz I think the body is frozen.
but It was a lot of fun.
I want to go again.
FUJI-Q is fun!