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Blog: Dara Shares her Cute, New Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera on her Japanese Blog, Adventures of Da~Rabbit

Dara is so pretty~!!! ❤ And I love her new Polaroid! Hello Kitty! ❤


Dara~bbit “Polaroid”

A cute, new Polaroid camera!!!
Since I couldn’t go to Japan recently, I asked my friends that went there (to get the camera).
I also have a lot of Polaroid films.
I’ll take a lot of cute photos!


Translated by: RingoESP

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Photos: Lovely Dara Updates Her Japanese Blog with Pictures during her “Dara Tour” in the Philippines



Source: Dara’s Japan Blog via @yodonsen1993

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Blog: Tourist Dara Shares Another Picture of Jjangmae and Herself Enjoying Hawaii ~ “Tourists on Display”

Tourist Dara


Tourists on display


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Blog: Foodie Dara Now Eats Sushi ~ “Please Tell Me Where I Can Eat When I Go Back to Japan!”

Dara updating her SNS accounts across different platforms to update all her fans around the globe.. ❤


I was not able to eat the sashimi, but I learned to eat sushi at last. Before, I could only eat prawns and a salmon, but I want to eat a lot in future. Though I went to Japan a lot already, I never ate sushi… When I go there, I’ll immediately eat‼︎! When I can go? Please call me early~



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Blog: Straight-Haired Dara Shows Three Polaroid Pictures ~ “Present!”

Oohhh, who’s in the pictures? ^^ Is it 2NE1? ^^




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Blog: Quirky Dara Shares how her Eyebrows Went on a “Business Trip” During Hair Conditioning

Kekekeke, I know a friend whose eyebrows also go on vacation when she doesn’t put make-up on it.. ^^ Still so pretty though! ❤


This was taken during hair conditioning. Because I wasn’t wearing any make-up, my eyebrows went on a business trip. 


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Photos: Cute Foodie Dara Shares her Japanese Ramen Meal with Jjangmae in her Blog

Weeeee! Dara is so cute! And oh wow, I want to be Jjangmae, able to go out with Dara and eat food with her.. XD





Source: Adventures of Da~Rabbit Blog

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Photo: Dara Updates her “Adventures of a Da~Rabbit” Japanese Blog with ~ “Sea, Sand, and I”

I wonder how many pictures Dara has hidden from her vacation in the Philippines? ^_^


Sea, sand, and I…


Source: Da~Rabbit Blog

Translated by: @ilovegd21

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Blog: DaRabbit Shows Us Her Homework – “Today’s Homework Is Impossible”

Awww, Dara shows us her homework and tells us how she studies hard to learn Japanese. Student Dara, fighting! ^_^

darablog4.2 darablog4.1

Today’s homework is slightly impossible.
This is my article.
It is an article translated into Japanese in Japan.
I study to see this again.
It becomes the interview exercise in Japan.
I can do interviews by myself now.
But an interview is also studying!
Please mask an interview. Please.


Source: @tonyaaa1217ton
Translated by: @ilovegd21

Blog/Photos: Dara Updates Her Blog With Photos From Busan

Weeee~ Dara updated her Japanese blog ~! This time, Da~Rabbit tells us about her adventure  in Busan with 2NE1 and uploaded photos too! ^_^

Dara reminiscing her childhood because she was in her hometown.. Don’t cry, Dara-ah~ T_T


A hometown and fireworks

Returned to the hometown after a long absence; was very glad. With the thing in the days of the child… A lot of memories… Tears have flowed. It was after a long absence with a member and played. where fireworks are fun *\(^o^)/*