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Blog: 151110 DARAbbit Updates Her Japanese Blog – “Today I went to an amusement Park…”

The Adventures of DARAbbit Update~ “DARAbbit  rides the No.1 scary roller coaster in Korea”


Today I went to an amusement park! I was challenge to No.1 scary roller coaster in Korea!!! Because I had got on many scary vehicles in Fuji-Q, I was able to get on! I had fun!


Source and Translated by: @ilovegd21

News: YG + Everland’s Hologram Concert Hall Open to Public on July 20



[스포츠조선 김표향기자] YG Entertainment’s project with Everland, establishing an year-round hologram concert hall dubbed “K-Pop Hologram : YG at Everland”, will be opened to public on July 20.

YANG MIN-SUK, a co-founder of YG Entertainment, will be starting the business of ‘K-Pop Hologram: YG at Everland’ in earnest with related companies including Everland, Korea Creative Content Agency and KT after the official launch.

YG, known for its strategic use of various contents related to new media for its artists, has recently cooperated with District to establish a joint venture of NIK (Next Interactive K, Limited), which is an investment distributor. ‘K-Pop Hologram: YG at Everland’, which is the first project for NIK, is different from any other hologram concert hall that this one will be operated permanently. The ‘YG at Everland’ project is a work of YG and Everland. YG is in charge of creating hologram visual aid of its artists including PSY and 2NE1, while Everland is responsible for the facility including infrastructure, design and visual and music equipment.

Hologram concert hall consists of Media Façade (using the walls as a large screen) and vivid screen technologies. The most amazing trait of the hall is that the performances are extremely life-like. Audience can be soaked in the excellent sound system to enjoy the dynamic rhythms of PSY. Pictures of the audience will be displayed on the screens before the performance takes place, which encourages audience participation.

“The project is even more meaningful as it is a part of ‘co-supporting the growth of next generation contents’ by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (Minister Choi Mun-ki) and Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Hong Sang-pyo), which is a fruit reaped by the cooperation between large and small businesses,” the entertainment agency emphasized.

383.47 m2 wide, the hologram concert hall is located in Global Fair of Everland, and can accommodate 100 people at a time. The performance goes on for 30 minutes, with 16 performances per day. To make it flawless, the concert hall will officially be open to public in later half of the year. Once it opens, during the time it is opened, visitors to Everland will be able to enter for free. In the first performance, PSY’s ‘GENTLEMAN’ and ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ will be played, while BIGBANG and 2NE1 will appear later.

There will be a gift shop at the entrance where visitors can find various Korean Wave goods. Accessories, stationery, phone cases of YG artists’ characters and Everland-made goods are few of the 180 different goods to be sold at the shop.

Credits: YG-Life