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Photos: Lucky Naver Blogger Meets Sandara Park by Accident at Dosan Park ~ “She’s Really Very Pretty”

“Dosan Park”

They went to Dosan Park for a date with her dongsaeng and friends. They went to Le Cafe and Hermes Cafe…

“We accidentally met 2NE1’s Sandara
And was able to ask for a selca~~!!
(my) heart throbbed 🙂
(Made it sound like an every day thing, no big deal, when in fact it was a huge deal)


Our Sandara who can be seen at the left side of this picture
She’s one of those thin celebrities who I really like


After looking around, I finally mustered the courage to ask for one picture

Selca with Dara success

(She’s really very pretty)


Source: Madzu Naver Blog

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara Replies to a Lucky Fan and Explains Why Dadoong was in the Washing Machine

Haha, I guess a lot of us also wondered what Dadoong was doing in the washing machine on the last picture Dara shared of him! Well, here’s our answer! 


“gd morning! Dara, why did you put dadoong in the washing machine the other day? Did he not get scared?”

“oh no! He’s the one who jumped into the washing machine 🙂 sooooo cute!!! He’s curious about everything~”


@newsmakersss + @Krungy21

Twitter: Dara Replies To A Fan, Talks About Filipino Food

Dara replies to a Filipino fan once again, and she even replied to her twice! Lucky lucky fan! ❤ They talked about Filipino food and how Dara makes the other 2NE1 girls taste them. Keke! ^^ 


FAN: Unnie, you want?

DARA: I want those!!! Hany chocolate… We love it!!! We need those in our studio~ 🙂

FAN: Okay unnie, how about Big Bang chocolate? And pancit canton…..

DARA: I already have Big Bang chocolate!!! I love pancit canton!!! Chilimansi flavor.. I cooked it for the girls at the dorm once, and they like it too~

(A/N: Pancit canton is like Ramyeon/Korean noodles but without soup. ^^)