Dara replies to a Filipino fan once again, and she even replied to her twice! Lucky lucky fan! ❤ They talked about Filipino food and how Dara makes the other 2NE1 girls taste them. Keke! ^^ 


FAN: Unnie, you want?

DARA: I want those!!! Hany chocolate… We love it!!! We need those in our studio~ 🙂

FAN: Okay unnie, how about Big Bang chocolate? And pancit canton…..

DARA: I already have Big Bang chocolate!!! I love pancit canton!!! Chilimansi flavor.. I cooked it for the girls at the dorm once, and they like it too~

(A/N: Pancit canton is like Ramyeon/Korean noodles but without soup. ^^)

The Big Bang chocolates they were talking about were chocolates made in the Philippines. Dara said she already have those chocolates and I’d like to assume that she was talking about the chocolates WLD/OhDara gave 2NE1 when they were in Singapore. Keke! ^^ Here are the presents we gave them, which includes the BB chocolates. ^^


Here is CL with a BB chocolate taken when they were in the Philippines for a concert:


Source: @Realhayzy + @krungy21

Translated and Re-Uploaded by: GallytheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLAI@OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Replies To A Fan, Talks About Filipino Food" (7)

  1. princesscc01_ said:

    i don’t think they like bigbang chocoloates

  2. please send some healthy foods guys…though i could not think of a healthy Filipino food right now..kekeke..but seriously she needs to stop eating pancit canton it’s not a healthy food..I’m just concerned. ^__^v

  3. waaa..I`m happy for u lucky fan ^^ ke ke ke..

  4. I think pancit canton is called dry noodles. wah! Dara replied to you! so lucky you! ^^

  5. wow…it seems that our dara is so updated,,heheh..sooo..let’s send her many and pancit canton..hwaiting!!heheeh..

  6. i’m so happy.. my friends know how much i love dara eonnie

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