Waaaah! Another gorgeous Park Siblings’ photo! ❤ My Dara and Thunder feels are all over the place. They are just too precious! T_T Superior genes FTW! Beautiful!!! <333

Ain’t it cute that Thunder was drinking milk at the party? Kekeke! So innocent! ^^ Oh, and Dara~ What a huge glass of beer you have there. Badass Dara ftw! Keke! ^_^

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DARA: At the DYLM party I handed Chundoong-ie a nice yummy beer & he quietly asked me if there was any juice because he isn’t going to drink ㅎㅎ Okay~ Drink milk, our Doong-ie ^_^ Milk fits you well~~~


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @saraseoul

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Dara Uploads Another Gorgeous Photo With Thunder – “Drink milk, our Doongie!”" (9)

  1. Vintage vid said:

    Gorgeous Park siblings<33 *-*
    I luv their style<33 i wish i was at their party….sigh

  2. Sandara Stark said:

    I think it’s juice he’s drinking. Milk is used as part of the idiomatic expression to refer to the choice he made. It is the choices we make that reveals our character. I think I got that from Harry Potter. Haha

  3. Dragonfly87 said:

    Hwangssabu: I’m watching you… @.@


  4. dara and thunder looks soo good….

  5. ohh i start to imagine that thunder came to the party just to protect his noona because maybe he have an idea that their will be many boys want to talk to his noona and maybe also to watch dara not to drink beer to much ohh how sweet….

  6. milk in party that nice!!! rather than beer or anything alcoholic!! nice thunder drink milk while her noona is beer!!! i thougth dee does’nt drink alcoholic b4 she said it she only like the one sweet~~ what the earth she drink now””” i saw hwangsabbu in the rigth side near a guy who chothes color white!!he’s watching park sibling.

    • she does! she even drinks with her friends here in the Philippines (the light ones) but she knows her limits…. what i mean is when you drive a car going to a party you don’t drink much of alcohol right rather you don’t drink at all because you don’t want to end up in jail or in hospital bed…. but i guess in this party she went all up (they have their own driver and Thunder is there) so she can drink as much as she wants to….

      Thunder on the other hand doesn’t drink or rather he does but not as much not even occasional…reasons:
      1. he prefer juice/soda
      2. he can’t hold he’s liquor (i might be wrong or not about this)
      3. he’s a responsible driver (he drives he’s own car going back home)
      4. he had a busy day (he was so tired practising their performance for their tour and to think he had a hectic schedule shooting a drama, fan meetings and performing in a concerts before) …so drinking alcohol will be a bad idea it will took all your strength away
      5. he has an early schedule the next day


    • Vintage vid said:

      Korean+ beer/soju= korean culture!!
      Welcome to Kpop!!

  7. They’re really close siblings. So very nice of Thunder to make time and party with his noona. And is it me or is that really Hwang-ssabu-nim at the back near the windows?

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