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Videos: Thunder Dresses up as “DoongDara Park” During MBLAQ’s Zepp Tour in Nagoya ~ Adorable Thunder!

OMG! Haha! Recently during MBLAQ’s Zepp Tour in Nagoya on August 15-16, Thunder dressed up as Dara when he joined Joon’s solo stage, doing girl group songs! ^^ They did 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” together! ^^ But how adorable is “DoongDara Park”?!

This is a Thunder-focused fancam from August 16:

130816 FanCam_DoongDara Park (+Joon)_MBLAQ SENSATION ZEPP TOUR in NAGOYA

And this is a fancam from the 15th, their first day of performance! ^^ You can watch Joon’s full stage here, and Doongie and his palm tree hair come at around 3:19 of the video. ^_^

130815 JOON♥solo with CheonDung MBLAQ♥Zepp Tour in Nagoya

Credits: onlyMBLAQ1 + JL0419

Twitter: Beautiful, Glowing Dara Shares a Picture with Handsome Thunder at DYLM Party ~ “DaraDoong Siblings!”

Pretty Dara and Thunder! And as much as I loved Thunder’s pink hair, I think that black suits him extremely well! More than well, he looks handsome and awesome! ❤ Dara’s golden locks look so good in that hairstyle. ❤ Black and gold siblings! ❤ Lovely, lovely! But, er, tell me, who’s the younger one between you two? You could pass off as twins and no one would be the wiser! ❤

BQ3u6hsCMAAqGjo.jpg large


Cheondoongie who was able to have fun with us at the #DYLM party~ ^_^ Stayed up late because of practicing for the tour, and then heading to the party even with a tired body. We are warm, close siblings DaraDoong ♥ #Doyouloveme D-2


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

News: Park Sibling ranked #2 on I Bite Magazine’s chart

According to I Bite’s Magazine ‘Freaky Chart’ Aug 1 – 15 Issue with the topic Gorgeously Marvelous Siblings in the Perfect Family, Jessica and Krystal are ranked as the #1 siblings.

There are many siblings in Korean entertainment nowadays together making profits and being famous. Some of the siblings look very close together and you could see them together everywhere but some of them work so separately that if they didn’t state that they are siblings, you would never know. Now Let’s see the hottest siblings in our chart:

1. Jessica (SNSD) and Krystal F(x)
2. Sandara (2NE1) and Thunder (Mblaq)
3. Xiah Junsu (TVXQ) and Zuno (Junho)
4. Hyungjoon (SS501) and Kibum (U-Kiss)
5. Mir (Mblaq) and Ko Eun-a

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Because Prince Doongie is <3, check out some recent pics of him below 🙂