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Videos: Thunder Dresses up as “DoongDara Park” During MBLAQ’s Zepp Tour in Nagoya ~ Adorable Thunder!

OMG! Haha! Recently during MBLAQ’s Zepp Tour in Nagoya on August 15-16, Thunder dressed up as Dara when he joined Joon’s solo stage, doing girl group songs! ^^ They did 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” together! ^^ But how adorable is “DoongDara Park”?!

This is a Thunder-focused fancam from August 16:

130816 FanCam_DoongDara Park (+Joon)_MBLAQ SENSATION ZEPP TOUR in NAGOYA

And this is a fancam from the 15th, their first day of performance! ^^ You can watch Joon’s full stage here, and Doongie and his palm tree hair come at around 3:19 of the video. ^_^

130815 JOON♥solo with CheonDung MBLAQ♥Zepp Tour in Nagoya

Credits: onlyMBLAQ1 + JL0419