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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Go DoongDara go!!!”

Go DoongDara go!!! Ah..Small appetite of small DoongDara sibling’s painstaking One Night Food Trip Challenge. You can’t watch without crying.. ㅋㅋㅋ

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Fan-Taken: 170925 Dara and Thunder at Mall of Asia Filming for tvn Asia’s One Night Food Trip

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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Park siblings, touchdown, Manila!!!”

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Fan-Taken: 170925 Dara and Thunder at Puerto Princesa International Airport (To Manila)

After filming for tvN Asia’s One Night Food Trip – International Edition, Dara and Thunder are now flying back to Manila for their Press Conference on Sept. 26!

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Fan-Taken: 170923 Dara and Thunder Arriving in Manila for tvN Asia’s One Night Food Trip Filming


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Photos: Gorgeous Park Siblings Pose with the Owner of the Cat Cafe in “Secretly, Greatly” Episode ~ A Long-Time Fan!

Park siblings with the legit owner of the cat cafe! ❤ She said she’s been a long-time fan of 2NE1 and Sandara Park! So she got a bit sad that she had to act to deceive her and Dara was cold in her reaction (as expected kekeke!).. ^^ But she was happy they got pictures after with the good-looking siblings! ❤




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Videos: 170108 MBC’s Official Cuts of Wonderful Noona Sandara Park on “Secretly, Greatly” with Thunder

Here are Dara’s cuts for “Secretly, Greatly”~! She’s such a really lovely and nice noona.. A lovely and nice person in general to be honest.. TT She wanted to hold back Thunder from signing the scam contract, but I think she didn’t want him to think that she didn’t trust him, so she just kept glaring and silently communicating with him kekeke! ^^ Then when chaos broke out and Thunder was being grabbed, she just went and silently pulled him back behind her, even when she’s wayyyy smaller compared to him.. TT

No subs yet, we’ll put up the videos with subs as soon as we can.. ^^

Credits: MBCentertainment

Twitter: Dara’s Schedule “KBS2′ Battle trip on Jan 7 and MBC’ SNSG on Jan 8”

My Krungkrung is Busy and I’m so happy. 

Dara’s Schedule appearance for this week are;

Jan.7 (Sat.) 10:40 PM at KBS2 Battle Trip- Dara’s appearance


Jan.8 (Sun.) 6:45 PM at MBC Sunday Night Secretly Greatly- Dara’s Appearance



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Video: Preview of “Secretly Greatly” Episode 5 Featuring Cat-Lovers Park Siblings ~ To be Broadcasted on January 1, 2017~!

I am so excited for this! Park siblings on a variety! Finally! I wonder how Dara-noona will handle this incident? ^^

[Preview 따끈 예고] 20170101 Secretly Greatly – EP.5

Trans of the captions: 

Cat lovers, Sandara & Thunder

Our youngest got into an accident(?)

It turns out to be a big accident!

“Defending my youngest brother, Cheondung!”


Source: MBCentertainment

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Instagram: Dara (krungy21) Share Beautiful and Adorable Photos with Thunder During Sign’s MV Filming

Park Siblings Fighting! Dara looks absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait for the music video!

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