Here are Dara’s cuts for “Secretly, Greatly”~! She’s such a really lovely and nice noona.. A lovely and nice person in general to be honest.. TT She wanted to hold back Thunder from signing the scam contract, but I think she didn’t want him to think that she didn’t trust him, so she just kept glaring and silently communicating with him kekeke! ^^ Then when chaos broke out and Thunder was being grabbed, she just went and silently pulled him back behind her, even when she’s wayyyy smaller compared to him.. TT

No subs yet, we’ll put up the videos with subs as soon as we can.. ^^

Credits: MBCentertainment

Comments on: "Videos: 170108 MBC’s Official Cuts of Wonderful Noona Sandara Park on “Secretly, Greatly” with Thunder" (3)

  1. Shame on Thunder for making his sister cry. He knew she would trust him and pranked her in a way that could bring back bad memories of what her father did. To scare her where she is worried about him wasnt funny at all.You see him laugh and smile when she cries. Pranks are no fun when the person being pranked is hurt. I hope she puts him in the cathouse for this so he understands that this was no laughing matter.

  2. Her crying face made me want to cryyyy T_T

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