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Videos: 170108 MBC’s Official Cuts of Wonderful Noona Sandara Park on “Secretly, Greatly” with Thunder

Here are Dara’s cuts for “Secretly, Greatly”~! She’s such a really lovely and nice noona.. A lovely and nice person in general to be honest.. TT She wanted to hold back Thunder from signing the scam contract, but I think she didn’t want him to think that she didn’t trust him, so she just kept glaring and silently communicating with him kekeke! ^^ Then when chaos broke out and Thunder was being grabbed, she just went and silently pulled him back behind her, even when she’s wayyyy smaller compared to him.. TT

No subs yet, we’ll put up the videos with subs as soon as we can.. ^^

Credits: MBCentertainment

Twitter: Dara’s Schedule “KBS2′ Battle trip on Jan 7 and MBC’ SNSG on Jan 8”

My Krungkrung is Busy and I’m so happy. 

Dara’s Schedule appearance for this week are;

Jan.7 (Sat.) 10:40 PM at KBS2 Battle Trip- Dara’s appearance


Jan.8 (Sun.) 6:45 PM at MBC Sunday Night Secretly Greatly- Dara’s Appearance



Source: @krungy21

Translated by: WeLoveDara

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Photos: Official Behind-The-Scenes Pics of Radiant “Goddess” Sandara Park Recording “Always For You” for MBC Drama “One More Happy Ending”

Dara is so beautiful OTL and she recorded this weeks ago, as based on her outfits form her IG updates kekeke!

[Behind the Scenes] Angels Goo Seul-Ah Recording Scene Revealed!!


Oh, goddess oh!
Where did this brilliant light come from~ I looked around and then!!!
A goddess has descended from heaven into the recording studio~ Angels~♡


Goddess + Cuteness =? (Official website page’s ideal type…!!)
Can’t take my eyes off her….!!!!


Also carefully checking the lyrics as well~~


Completely ready to do her recording, with a serious look on her face!!! ^_^


It’s like hearing the sound of rolling jade marbles (T/N: 옥구슬 <jade marble> is a word play of 구슬아 <Goo Seul Ah>)~♬
Milky skin~ Goo Seul-Ah~!!!


Source: IMBC One More Happy Ending

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos/Translations: 140403 Screencaps and Translations Youthful Dara at MBCFM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s “Hope Song at Noon”

Our bright, glowing, fresh-faced goddess! ❤





Kim Shin Young: It seems that Sandara Park has a really bright and weird (LOL) charm.

Bom: Because of that, Sandara Park matches well with me.

Kim Shin Young: These two people seem like the kind who can talk for hours straight in a coffee shop.

CL: In fact, Yang Hyun Suk sajangnim always refers to Dara-unnie and Bom-unnie as ‘those two aliens’ all the time.

Kim Shin Young: These two give off a peculiar (strange/weird) atmosphere.

Kim Shin Young: Is Sandara Park envious of Gong Minji’s age because she’s young?

Dara: No. Because I’m 21 years old at heart anyway.

Dara: When I was in the second grade, I saw Seo Taiji and Boys ‘I Know,’ and after that, I was determined to become a singer.

Dara: But after that, I didn’t get to listen to Seo Taiji and Boys ‘I Know’ anymore because we moved to the Philippines.

Dara: I don’t really want a vacation. But what I do want is to travel and work at the same time. Being the porter in ‘Grandpas OverFlowers‘ seems to be good. The porter seems to be doing well. I think I’ll do well as a manager.

More caps after the cut!


Photos/Translations: 140403 Screencaps and Translations of 2NE1’s Guesting at MBCFM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s “Hope Song at Noon”



2NE1 performing! ^^ They performed Come Back Home and Gotta Be You!


Some of the girls’ answers/ conversation during their guesting:

KSH: Dara, you like alcohol?
Dara: Uhh, nowadays… “Bring out all the alcohol!”
Minzy’s Drinking Habits
CL: Her voice gets louder.
Dara: We had an after party after our concert and she would talk to other people.

KSY: As soon as “Crush” came out, I listened to the whole album repeatedly.
Bom: The part where we copy our CEO’s dance in Come Back Home is my favorite.
Dara: I like when the four of us do the wave during Come Back Home. It looks nice…is what my mother said.

KSY: Did you guys get a break since your comeback?
CL: We actually prefer not having a break, since we want to work a lot.
Minzy: I actually want a break a little. I want to go to the US or to Europe.
Park Bom: I prefer work over break now. I am in a new variety show. We are starting now. It’s so so fun. I don’t get sleep but its so fun.

More under the cut!


Photos: Official Pics of Pretty, Glowing BlonDara at MBC Younha’s Starry Night Radio Program

Awww, Dara really looks beautiful! Simple, yet she still shines! ^^ Her smile makes her look brighter though. ^^





Source: MBC

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Official Pics of Stylish and Casual 2NE1 at MBC Younha’s Starry Night Radio Program

Beautiful 2NE1! Looking chic and fashionable! Dara’s adorable, casual, and simple style stands out for me though! ^^ But loving all the girls in the radio show! Younha looking fashionable herself! ❤



Park sisters sitting next to each other! ^^





And here are our girls at the waiting room before the program started! ^^



Source: MBC

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: MBC Music All The K-pop – 2NE1

Kekeke! 2NE1 at the end and Dara’s oh-so-gorgeous smile! ❤

MBC 뮤직 All The K-pop 2NE1

Credits: jjirong21

News: 2NE1 and Lee Hi To Have An Exceptional Collaboration On MBC “Gayo Daejoon”

2NE1 and Lee Hi To Have An Exceptional Collaboration On MBC “Gayo Daejoon”


2NE1 and Lee Hi would go on-stage with a collaboration for MBC “Gayo Daejoon.”

2NE1 and Lee Hi are all set to appear on the stage for MBC’s “Gayo Daejoon” on the 31st, and will be changing things up as they would be performing each other’s hit songs; this would be the first time that they would play out an amazing harmony together publicly. Since her debut in November, the “monster rookie” has been sweeping various online music charts and winning a number of awards in music show broadcasts; the news that she would be collaborating with fellow YG Entertainment artists, group 2NE1, has been gaining a lot of attention.

Lee Hi would be performing 2NE1‘s latest hit, “I Love You,” while 2NE1 would be performing Lee Hi’s debut song, “1,2,3,4.” Expectations of how they would be showing their own colors in each other’s songs are already high up. On the afternoon of the 26th, a representative for MBC “Gayo Daejoon” has said on a phone conversation with Newsen that, “2NE1 is already expected to bring a great performance with the Lee Hi song that they selected, which is ‘1,2,3,4.’ We are still discussing the performance orders and time details right now,” he said.

On that same day, aside from 2NE1 and Lee Hi, other YG artists such as Epik High and Big Bang are also scheduled to perform in the “Gayo Daejoon.” Other artists such as T-Ara, 4 Minute, Gain, TVXQ, Secret, Miss A, Park Jin Young, SHINee, Son Dam Bi, Super Junior, Beast, and CN Blue, are also expected to be on-stage.


Source: Nate

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara