2NE1 and Lee Hi To Have An Exceptional Collaboration On MBC “Gayo Daejoon”


2NE1 and Lee Hi would go on-stage with a collaboration for MBC “Gayo Daejoon.”

2NE1 and Lee Hi are all set to appear on the stage for MBC’s “Gayo Daejoon” on the 31st, and will be changing things up as they would be performing each other’s hit songs; this would be the first time that they would play out an amazing harmony together publicly. Since her debut in November, the “monster rookie” has been sweeping various online music charts and winning a number of awards in music show broadcasts; the news that she would be collaborating with fellow YG Entertainment artists, group 2NE1, has been gaining a lot of attention.

Lee Hi would be performing 2NE1‘s latest hit, “I Love You,” while 2NE1 would be performing Lee Hi’s debut song, “1,2,3,4.” Expectations of how they would be showing their own colors in each other’s songs are already high up. On the afternoon of the 26th, a representative for MBC “Gayo Daejoon” has said on a phone conversation with Newsen that, “2NE1 is already expected to bring a great performance with the Lee Hi song that they selected, which is ‘1,2,3,4.’ We are still discussing the performance orders and time details right now,” he said.

On that same day, aside from 2NE1 and Lee Hi, other YG artists such as Epik High and Big Bang are also scheduled to perform in the “Gayo Daejoon.” Other artists such as T-Ara, 4 Minute, Gain, TVXQ, Secret, Miss A, Park Jin Young, SHINee, Son Dam Bi, Super Junior, Beast, and CN Blue, are also expected to be on-stage.


Source: Nate

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: 2NE1 and Lee Hi To Have An Exceptional Collaboration On MBC “Gayo Daejoon”" (16)

  1. Can’t wait to watch their performance plus the rest of YG family – BB & Epik High. It will surely be a one epic performance. YG family fighting!!!

  2. i want to see Dara TV this yr, and sing an English Songs, Will Iam pls, release the Album this year!!!! hehehehe Pretty Sandara Park fighting

  3. excited much for this day……but also hoping for……2ne1 collab with Bigbang too….want to see 2ne1 version of FANTASTIC BABY! just crossed my finger!!!. =))))))

  4. Guys, i will advise you not to expect too much. when it comes to dara and lines, my motto is less expectations, less heartaches :)) but i really wish that dara practice her acting craft……

    • Missy musni said:

      I know right ?? I won’t expect but I will hope they will give her a line u know what I mean right ??

  5. I’m so excited for this! this is like a mini YG Family Concert…love it. Can’t totally wait. whoo!!

  6. Hopefully Dara’s line won’t just ” i said 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 ooh ” only ==

  7. hoping to hear dara sing more lines this time.im excited to watch this becoz of dara.dara fighting!

  8. wow 🙂

  9. I hope Dara gets more than a few words…! Very excited to see their collaboration stage!

  10. yehey, yipee….finally… 2ne1!

  11. Ooh! 1234 I like that song.. *anticipating*

    Can’t wait! YGFAM rocks

  12. I’m so excited for this performance!

  13. finally! I was hoping for 2NE1’s version of 1234. this would be awesome!!! happy new year!!!

  14. I’m excited to hear 2NE1 singing to Lee Hi’s debut song. ♥

  15. gyaaaa…I really can’t wait for YG family performance ^^..its like YG family mini concert..

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