Sandara Park Falls For “I Miss You” Actor, Yoo Seung Ho – “I’m Yours”


Sandara Park has fallen for Yoo Seung Ho.

An online community post came up recently, with the title, “Sandara Park claims herself to be Yoo Seung Ho’s, aggressive affection.” The post contained a screen capture of Sandara Park‘s tweet that mentioned the topic.

Sandara Park had revealed on Twitter, “Nowadays, I only look forward for Wednesday to come. I miss you… Hyeri…! I’m yours~!^.*” revealing her feelings for the character that Yoo Seung Ho plays in the MBC drama, “I Miss You” which is currently being broadcasted.

Netizens who saw the “Sandara Park falls for Yoo Seung Ho” post showed a lot of different reactions like, “Sandara Park has really fallen for Yoo Seung Ho?” “Sandara Park, I’ve fallen for Yoo Seung Ho too,” “Now I really want to see Yoo Seung Ho in ‘I Miss You’ because of this,” “Also is the fact that what Sandara Park watches isn’t all that different from the rest of us,” “Sandara Park likes younger men too?” “Because of Yoo Seung Ho, I get no sleep during Wednesdays and Thursdays,” “Nowadays, I find it fun to watch Yoo Seung Ho too,” “Sandara Park, just conrfess to him,” “You two would look well together,” “Sandara Park watches the same thing as us,” showing their comments and thoughts.

On the other hand, Sandara Park, who is part of girl group 2NE1, will be appearing in MBC’s “2012 Gayo Daejoon” to be held on the 31st.


Sources: Nate 1 2 3

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Falls For “I Miss You” Actor, Yoo Seung Ho – “I’m Yours”" (14)

  1. I Hope Dara And Seung Ho Maried xD

  2. i don’t like sandara park…….they’re not fit with yoo seung ho..she’s too old for him…..

  3. i was backtracking this website and found this article about dara topping the “The older girl who looks good with the nation’s dongseng Yoo Seung Ho” poll. and he was also in a cf with her. who knows.

  4. it’s funny when they end their news with what the artist is currently busy with. lol.
    haist, Dara get a bf. we want u to ^_^

  5. Daradarabrightdara said:

    Dont they have a cf together on adidas ?? Him , other guy and 2ne1 . I think they became friends filming the cf and Dara is just supporting him on his drama ..

  6. And when Seung Ho be backed from Military after 2yrs, hope to see Dara and him together at a drama.<3 wishful thinking.

  7. Aww..cute Dara fangirling!
    fanboys be jealous..LOL!
    I would love to see them both in a drama though~ 😀

  8. Sandara Stark said:

    Wow! Dara is really a PR genius! I think she knew at this point that they’ll be on MBC’s Gayo for sure (as was finally confirmed today) thus she chose a popular MBC soap opera to rile up the PR machinery! And it worked! Her story became the main point in the news article with the said confirmation as additional info! Hahaha

  9. issahgannee said:

    Wha.. Wha.. What.. Why is this a news to me?? Well.. I don’t mind though.. I’m happy if she’s happy.. And these days, she seemed very happy so I’m good.. ^_^

  10. Another comment on how lonely she feels “Nowdays, the only…” Dara please go out more rather than twitting how lonely and single you are. She is trying to make someone jealous?

  11. It’s weird, I just checked Dara’s twitter and there’s no said tweet message to Minzy???!
    When did she send that tweet? Cuz I checked again n again n found NO new tweeter message??? The last tweeter msg was the one with picture of guitar and blond-haired little male doll.

  12. Missy musni said:

    Lol .. Me too I’ve fallen for him !!!
    Dara how about won bin ?? Heheh

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