………………’The older girl who looks good with the nation’s dongseng Yoo Seung Ho‘ The title is something like that…lol I’m not familiar with Korean stars so I googled the guy and if you’re not familiar with him (like me), oh well…he’s cute! XD

Yoo Seung Ho is 16 and I think they look like they’re at the same age. Agree?

#1 Dara a. k.a ‘Her Royal Freshness’, #2 Yoona, #3 UEE, #4 Ga-In

sources: gom tv and elavip@soompi

Comments on: "News: Dara voted no.1 as……………" (8)

  1. but i’m really curious who their ideal girl is. 🙂 among the 2ne1 girls of course. 🙂

  2. when i’m reading posts about dara’s fan boys who are younger than her i always remember what she answered when she was a guest in a radio show which conducted a survey abd there was a question who was your ideal girl 6 out of 8 answered that it was dara being all the bigbang boys answered pass. 🙂 wooyoung of 2pm though he answered dara on five of the question there. he really likes dara. 🙂

  3. so young…..anyway, dara looks like 16 too hahaha…=)

  4. nyahaha @ 5 year old. nyahahahaha

  5. hey deshi wassup.. hey got msn? Gosh 16 ? wow..they should just partner her up with a 5 year old! lol.. so is Oh!dara gonna be 21evo’s next rival? heheh.. joke lang po!

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