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Fan-Taken: 170925 Dara and Thunder at Puerto Princesa International Airport (To Manila)

After filming for tvN Asia’s One Night Food Trip – International Edition, Dara and Thunder are now flying back to Manila for their Press Conference on Sept. 26!

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Twitter: Amazed Sandara Park Films Vacationer Singing her song “In or Out” and 2NE1’s song Fire During her Coron Visit


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Instagram: Happy, Care-Free Dara Gets Over her Fear of Flying Because of Palawan’s Spectacular Scenery ~ “Short, Sweet Flight!”

Okay so seriously, Dara’s latest Instagram photos from her trip in the Philippines look straight out from a photobook! So so so pretty! And I love her care-free, happy expression.. โค Daraaaaa, I wanna travel with you too.. T_T10755856_712665398830287_1534778432_n

To get to the resort from Palawan, we had to ride a light/small plane~ Nature and the scenery were all too spectacular that I forgot about my phobia of flying and enjoyed the short, sweet plane rideย 


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Photos: More Pictures of Dara and her Friends Enjoying the Philippines

These photos were taken from Pagsanjan and Palawan.. ^_^





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Instagram: Dara Shares Amazing Pictures of her “Healing Vacation” in Palawan, Philippines ~ “Paradise!”

Awww, I need to get my butt to Palawan, like ASAP. My friend lived there and she said it’s a beautiful place! I’m so happy Dara got to spend time there.. I love how she appreciates nature’s beauty.. โค


Dara, under the sea #elnido #palawan #philippines


Healing vacationย #palawan 141112-birthday-update-3

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Photos: Marshall Bang Shares Pictures with Dara and YG Staff Enjoying Themselves at Palawan

Dara seemed to enjoy this much-needed vacation! And in such a beautiful place too, along with friends.. ^_^ So happy they got time to unwind and enjoy Palawan together.. โค


Palawan group shot~~~~~


Until next time, Palawan!!!


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