OMGGGGGGGGG~! Some of the pics are finally out! ❤

Dara is such a beautiful bride.. T_T I love the flowers and the veil, and of course, her flawless face! T_T And she’s wearing black, not exactly traditional bride wear, but she soooo owns it! I can’t wait to see her full picture! ❤


Woori and Won Young! Young, modern couple look! ❤ Seriously, I think I want to copy this style during my wedding… Kekeke! Casual yet fashionable.. ❤ 

CJ3BvgHVEAEkM0zSeungyoonie, so handsome this kid! T_T




Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos/Official: #TeamWeForever Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon Look Gorgeous and Dashing as they Own the Modern, Romantic Couple Look for “1st Look Magazine”" (8)

  1. Lucky28 said:

    SOOO cute!!! Dara talks about how she first met Kang Seungyoon..on 2NE1 Cut on Winner TV Episode 10 (Part 2/2) -you tube.

    Dara: When Seungyoon first entered YG and we still don’t know each other much.
    I went to dermatologist.
    the dermatologist staff misinformed me.
    I entered the room and someone was taking off clothes and said “oh noona, Hello!
    CL: you’re good at meeting people
    Dara: that was our first meeting (I was covering my face at that time though:))

  2. Lucky28 said:

    PLS. Vote 2NE1 on TEENS CHOICE AWARDS in the US!

  3. @alohadara… Yes, they really make a handsome/pretty couple. They have that magic chemistry and I’m loving it.
    #TEAMWEFOREVER all the way.

  4. Blackjacks in the US pls let’s vote our 2ne1 for teen choice awards! Thank u!

  5. alohadara said:

    Cherry84Addict has All About Dara episode 28 and 29 up for us daralings to enjoy!

  6. The lesser make up…the better and Younger she looks…but yay! Scored another photoshoot!

  7. alohadara said:

    they do make a handsome couple!

  8. alohadara said:

    the second picture i dont even recognize her face. like they are trying to make her look not like Dara. or shes thinking, I’m so tired, finish this shoot already!

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