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Video: Making Of 2NE1 ‘s “Crush” PV Japanese Version With English Subs

It’s always fun watching the making videos of 2NE1’s MV! They are always fooling around when they are not filming, just like they always do in 2NE1tv. I can’t take my eyes off of Dara’s hips when they were filming her part, kekeke! I love how she sways her tiny hips! ❤ I was LOL-ing at Bom spraying her infamous mists during the filming. XD CL was so cute showing off her aegyo and complaining about her clothes. And Minzy on the pole was wow! Ero Minzy! Haha! ❤ Watch the video below to know what I’m talking about. ^_^

Credits: khaixin0811

Video: 2NE1’s Fun Behind the Scenes Footage During the Making of “CRUSH” PV

The girls are just so so so cute! I really love BTS because I love seeing the girls’ dynamics! CL so cute when she said, “Dara-chan kawaii” and then proceeded to imitate her “Nolza, hey hey nolza!” part! Kekekeke! XD So happy to see the BTS during “rebel schoolgirl” Dara’s part! Woohoo! Bom and her mist are inseparable! How cute are Minzy and CL at the start when Minzy had to bump into CL’s shoulder, kekeke! ❤ Our OT4! ❤

Making Of 2NE1’s “CRUSH” PV 

Making Of 2NE1’s “CRUSH” PV  (With English Sub)

Credits: Christopher Cutler,@

Video: 140616 HQ/HD 2NE1’s Full Cut on Mezamashi TV ~ Interview, “CRUSH PV” BTS

Here’s the full cut! ❤ Short clip of the BTS with all the girls at the start. ^^

140616 2NE1’s Full Cut on Mezamashi TV – Interview, “CRUSH PV” BTS 

Credits: Sandara Park Fans

Video: 2NE1’s “CRUSH” PV, Japanese Version Finally Revealed ~ 2NE1 Goes Classic Fierce!

Weee! And here’s CRUSH PV! ❤ Sorry we weren’t able to share the video yesterday, we were asked by the original uploader not to share the video, but we could make caps, thus the caps are there. XD Anyways, the MV is different from what 2NE1 has tried out before.. Like I said, Dara looks like a beautiful Egyptian goddess with the black wig and full bangs, matched with the cat eyes. She looked fiercely cute in her “rebel student” outfit in the punk-ghetto classroom setting, kekeke! ❤ CL looked stunning in her Aubrey Hepburn-Satine inspired outfits and get-up! ❤ Minzy killeddddd with the pole, she looked so grown-up /tears And Bommie looked like an elegant princess with her hairstyle.. ❤ And applause to whoever thought of the elevator scene, I bet it’s a nod to their very first “Fire” stage in Inkigayo! ❤


Credits: 2NE1

Photos: HD/HQ WeLoveDara/OhDara Screencaps of Attractive, Badass Dara in “CRUSH” Japanese Version PV

Dara is seriously so so so pretty in this video! She works the black wig with the full bangs! She looks so pretty! ❤ And cat eye make-up works really well with her too! ❤ And of course, she’s like a badass student in the classroom in one of the scenes, and an alluring Egyptian goddess in another.. ❤ Wah! ❤