According to a statement released by Mountain Movement Story on March 24, former 2NE1 member Sandara Park has been cast in the film adaptation of the popular webtoon “Cheese In The Trap.”
Sandara Park has been consistently acting in various projects like “The Return of Iljimae,” “Dr. Ian,” “Missing Korea,” and “One More Happy Ending.” She will also be making her big screen debut through the film “One Step” this April.

The actress will be taking on the role of Jang Bora, who is the energetic and honest best friend of main character Hong Seol. A source from the production staff stated, “We were very surprised by how well Sandara Park was able to pull of the blunt, refreshingly straightforward character of Jang Bora and decided she was very well-qualified for the role.”

Acting opposite Sandara Park in the role of Kwon Eun Taek will be actor Kim Hyun Jin. Kwon Eun Taek is a handsome and lovable character who has a one-sided crush on Jang Bora and tries to protect and take care of her. Kim Hyun Jin first debuted as a fashion model and will be making his debut as an actor through JTBC’s upcoming drama “Man To Man.” This means that Kim Hyun Jin will be working alongside Park Hae Jin in both “Man to Man” and the film adaptation of “Cheese In The Trap,” as the actor is in a lead role for both projects.

The cast and crew will have their first official meeting together on March 25 and will begin filming in April.

Meanwhile, the main cast for the film adaptation of “Cheese In The Trap” was announced in February; however, some fans of the original webtoon and drama adaptation have expressed disappointment as they believe the casting is not realistic.

Source : (1) via Soompi

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park and Kim Hyun Jin Cast in Film Adaptation of “Cheese in the Trap”" (5)

  1. Alohadara said:

    bibimbap, there are always going to be people who dont like her, talk trash or plain hate her.
    She is just too happy and unique. The way she dresses we just never know what shes going to wear or how she will be perceived. She’s a chameleon, changing all the time. Haters can say what they want. Dara will only continue to work harder to improve herself. One of the things I like about her is you just never know what she’s going to do. She can dress grungy, or sexy, cute, rich and pull it off. She is youthful and vibrant, she can wear anything she wants. Her acting is improving and that’s good enough got me. Whatever makes you happy Sandara Park, Fighting!

  2. Bibimbap said:

    When she appeared in “Secretly, Greatly” the public had a glimpsed of what her real personality is really like in private-calm, quite, collected, etc., and she received positive feedback for it. Even people who met or know her says she’s really deep and introspective. That’s why I can’t understand why when she’s in public she has this image of a “regressed adult” and some fans are asking her “to grow up”. Is it because she tries hard to be upbeat or funny that she only succeeds in appearing clumsy? Or, because she is sometimes dressed or styled like someone a decade younger? I remember her mentioning once that a fan called her style as akin to “a homeless person”. Is it because it looks ill-fitting or at least 2 sizes too big that it swallows her small frame? I guess in Korea, there is a concept of what an actress should look or behave in public and this petsona she created to suit the idol concept of cuteness, swaggness, etc., does not really jive with their concept of an real actress
    aura. Is this the reason she’s not considered a real actress but an idol pretending to be one because they can’t reconcile the image?

  3. Sophia Erica said:

    She always ace these auditions. She should keep on auditioning to land more roles even just supporting roles like this. I hope its a tv drama next time. It will help non KPop or the mainstream public know about her and build her fanbase. Plus help improve on her acting. Practice makes perfect.

  4. finally two of dara ‘s fanboys park hae jin and park ki woong have chance to work for with her.

  5. I can’t wait to see Dara unnie in another movie!!! I hope that there will be more blessings for her this whole year.

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