I know that a lot of us are disappointed with the news that has been made official tonight.. Dara won’t be the endorser for Etude anymore. T_T We don’t know the  exact cause of this, we can only speculate. 

I am really happy and grateful for Etude for the past two years, it has been an awesome ride with them. We saw Dara transform into a cute, playful, gorgeous, dolled-up lady because of them. But I guess it is time for change, and that may be a good thing also. So let’s just all be positive about this and hope that Amore Pacific would get Dara as an endorser of their other lines! ^^ It seems that Lee Hyosup, the AP marketing and sales promotions manager that works with Dara, wants the same thing! He tweeted that we “can meet Dara at another beauty brand” and as he is working not only with Etude, but other AP brands/lines also, I really do hope that we get to see Dara endorse another beauty line SOON. ^^

What do you guys think should Dara endorse next? ^^



Source: @spiffyhyosup on Twitter

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Comments on: "Info: Etude Officially Confirms Sulli and Krystal as New Brand Endorsers – Dara to Endorse Another Beauty Brand?" (89)

  1. aww.. i only bought etude products cos of dara

  2. I love SHINee so much but I think I would not buy etude products as of the moment. I patronized etude because of DARA and with SHINee with her… I thought it was just perfect. I was sad her leaving etude and replaced by fx sulli and krystal. I really prefer more than the two girls… This is really sad… 😦

  3. I agree!!! Bye Etude.. luv u sandara

  4. might sound immature just cause i’m a fan, but seriously, imma ditch etude now…i know it can’t be prevented cause this will really happen sooner or later,but it just happened too soon…oh wells, i may not be following etude’s products from now on, but i sure as hell excited for Dara’s upcoming projects and future CFs..!


  6. I started using etude’s product when Dara endorsed them, but now that she has another beauty product to endorse, I might switch brands too. ^^ kekekeke so excited ^^ call me whatever you like, am just a fan and a fan should support her idol no matter what ^^

  7. Daralings, Have you seen this picture? In the caption. it is said, that…Dara’s latest pictorial
    s://twitter.com/MELOVESDARAGON/status/286193020225871872/photo/1… for what it’s this all about? a new cf???

  8. I bet other beauty product companies are all lining up to have Dara sign with them. 🙂 I just hope to see more mature side or sexy of Dara in her next endorsements, which she can’t do with etude since the target market are the teenagers.

  9. I know étude house way before Dara became the endorser because the mall I frequently visit has étude there. Then when she became the endorser and whenever I would pass the shop I would always smile because of Dara’s poster there. She also had a big billboard outside the mall and I would always look and smile seeing her so pretty in that ad. Now that she is no longer an endorser my smile would never be the same whenever I would pass that shop, not seeing Dara anymore…. I wish étude luck for I can see a lot of girls here not buying their products anymore. But thank you for taking care of Dara and for letting us see the other side of her…. Moving on, new beauty endorsements for Dara.beauty products that would make her shine more…

  10. smitten by Dara said:

    any articles that we can read what will be Dara’s next projects this year? I really want to know what will be her activities this year.

  11. smitten by Dara said:

    any articles that we can read what will be Dara’s next projects this year? I really want to know what will be her activities this year.
    Everyone wanted her to be casted in a drama. I prefer romantic comedy since it suits her best.. Jang Geun Suk?? that will be niCe!

  12. I’m planning to buy BB cream at etude, but with this news.. well goodbye Etude BB cream.. maybe I’ll wait for the new endorsement of Dara…

  13. goodbye etude…
    next i wanna see dara in drama.. kekekee~

  14. Good bye, Etude! It has been a good run. Only purchased your prods becauseof Dara, I always go to Etude whenever I go malling and almost always never leave the store without buying anything. That’s how much dedicated I am to Dara and I am anticipating her future endorsements. Moving forward!

  15. first of all, i’m happy for dara. this means she gets to endorse other brands and i’m guessing lancome is one of therm. if not that, maybe lineage. a clothing brand would be nice too. something high-end chic…

    all good things must come to an end. yge’s got a better plan for her. i hope for better endorsements, a solo album, a movie, (personal) a love life, a solo covergirl of vogue, and a freaking drama for 2013 please. peace

  16. I read this article : http://www.allkpop.com/2010/08/krystal-and-sulli-have-attitude-problems
    about sulli and krystal attitude problem when they doing a CF shot for f(x) endorsement in 2010 ..
    and they trying to replace dara as etude muse?..well.. I just trying to share..^^ there`s no mean to bash anyone..

    • thanks for sharing the link ^^, i have been searching for this article!…kekeke. ^^v..good luck etude for your new endorsers!..pwahaha!

  17. ckjack_bla said:

    Awww… I can’t deny that this made me sad because Etude and Spiffy are really nice to Dara. On the other hand, I’m hopeful that the new brand she will endorse is high-end. Loreal perhaps? 😀 It’s my preferred brand before Dara endorsed Etude. Still, thank you Etude and Spiffy for the opportunities you have given to Dara. Dara, it’s time ti explore new products to endorse. Goodluck and may you achieve more success. I love youuu!!!

  18. This is a new beginning for her, so we should support her..and congratulate her and Etude for a 3 years of successful endorsement. Dara is an effective endorser so it will not be long that someone will get her soon. I hope it will be something bigger. *cross finger*

  19. I unsubscribe etudeblog in youtube. It’s not that I hate them it’s just, no more reason to watch their CF coz Dara is not in it. Sigh…but….I do hope Dara gets another beauty product line to endorse so I can buy those instead. I’m kinda addicted to korean beauty products..and if Dara is endorsing it i’ll definitely buy it.

  20. i patronized the products of etude becoz of dara so without dara as an endorser i will not buy etude products anymore..dara wish you more endorsements to come,a drama,an awards and a happy lovelife with a loving and loyal boyfriend.dara-yah fighting!!

  21. Sandara Stark said:

    It was a mutually beneficial partnership. Now, lets move on to newer, bigger and better things! Thank you Étude for the opportunity that you have given Dara to represent you! We appreciate it very much!

  22. I want to see Dara in new cf please or drama, for new life of a vampire Dara ^-^.

  23. The worst part about Dara getting replaced are the replacements… No offense to the fans but I really dislike them 😦

  24. OMG Thats mean i will not be able to see dara face again in the etude house!! I don’t think im gonna buy etude anymore. ;( for me dara is like the first/original etude endors (though is she not) cuz i know etude from dara and when the shop first time opening in my country dara is already the face
    … anyway dara hwaiting!!!

  25. I agree with you in that this is a new beginning for Dara!

  26. wooohhh you’ve said it all..all the things that been running through my mind..very well said..every ending is a new beginning …goddess dee hwaiting!! ♡♡

  27. BHEBY-LOVE said:


  28. I want to see her endorse TONY MOLY.. gahd that would be epic.. VAMPIRE CONCEPT with Jaejoong.. kekeke.. i am not shipping here ok.. it’s just the Vampire thingy.. 😀

  29. i love dara…

  30. I’m sad to see her go. 😦 Oh well, it’s one endorsement to the next. I do hope we get to see her in a new beauty brand very soon. Maybe she’ll be on Laneige or Innisfree next? Whatever that may be, I sure am looking forward to see her again! Dara-unnie hwaiting! You’ll always be the best Etude Girl for me. ^^

  31. i think etude wont be up no more it will go down

  32. I will not buy anymore product of etude… i buy only etude product coz of DARA….

  33. I wish Dara all the best for future endorsements ^^! ❤

  34. For me Etude is Dara, she’s been a great endorser and we all know that but I think she also need a change. I mean I really love her sweet, cute, and dolly image but for her age I think she’s now more suitable for sophisticated, posh, matured and classy image. I look forward to her next endorsement, I specifically want her for Missha though it’s not a product of Amore Pacific but it’s one of the best cosmetic line in Korea and she might have a chance to work with Ho-Min. 🙂

    • Just imagine not knowing dara’s age. By simply looking at her, no one can say that she should move to mature, posh and sophisticated roles. Actually she can believably play both roles. She is such a vampire ^_^. Anyway looking forward with her new endorsements.

    • HelloKitty said:

      Missha is just an average cosmetic brand in Korea. I’m hoping she gets Laneige.

  35. desiweelovesapples said:

    I can picture Etude’s sales and profit going down. Not to be mean or anything but the endorser is the focal point of the brand’s success since it will lead the consumers to be attracted to the product to the point of buying their merchandise… I’m not saying that the new endorsers are not famous or anything but let’s face it, nobody ok let’s scratch that… probably a handful of us knew about the brand way before she became the face of Etude… And I give Dara-unnie a huge chunk of credit for their success because the brand actually became known in other Asian countries and all… I dunno how to express my feelings towards this… it’s actually mixed to be honest… I’m disappointed… because of Etude i got to see the girly, dolled-up side of Dara-unnie… and on the other hand, i’m happy since she’ll be broadening her horizons i’ll be able to see her in a different concept if she would still endorse a cosmetic brand or endorse anything else aside from Adidas and Nikon… Nothing lasts forever they said… I wish Etude well! no sarcasm or anything just pure good intentions 🙂 as for Dara-unnie… good luck on your future projects! *cough*drama!*cough* but i think it’ll be a very busy year for 2ne1 as always… duh? with their comeback and all plus i’m DYING to get my hands on their international album!! but i’m still hoping for a drama for Dara-unnie! haha 😛

  36. Sincerely i hope Dara can endorse a high end product like Laneige as this can give Dara more international acknowledgement & exposure <333 #byeetude

  37. theiansako said:

    Ahw I’d still thank Etude for the happy and playful moments shared w/ DAra ..
    I know that they’re happy having Dara endorse their product ..admit it or not
    their company made it big coz of Dara’s effective endorsing their product…

    about the contract I guess YG did a big part on it..he wanted Dara to grow more..
    he didn’t want her to be branded as cute alone,and am guessing that she already had
    a new contract for a new endorsement..basing on her looks during her previous appearances
    she’s portraying a woman of essence and elegance may it be on stage..

    so let’s not fret,sulk whatsoever , let us all be happy instead and hope and pray for the best..

    let us all wait and see what will happen next on Dara’s career not just an endorser, but as an actress and singer as well

  38. it makes me smile.. when i’ve got to think of this ” Wow etudes! They really needs 2 girls to replace Dara-unnie XD keke ” BTW wish them a gudluck ^^
    and Dara-unnie hwaiting , new endoresment !! or maybe a DARAMA-MOVIE *u* woooohh

  39. as much as we and spiffy wants dara to stay with etude, i guess we can’t do anything about it. maybe because etude’s market caters mostly with teenagers so i guess they needed the change. i’m sure other beauty company are interested with dara as their endorser. we all know that dara is an effective endorser. i’ll be waiting for her new beauty endorsement. no more etude for me! kekeke….good luck dara! ❤

  40. Am I the only one whose happy to see Dara leaving Etude? Its been a wonderful campaign for both D and Etude. Change is inevitable. I don’t want Dara to endorse Etude forever, hello, Dara’s beauty encompass all ages. I think its time we see a more sophisticated Dara. Looking forward to Dara’s new endorsement! She’s one of the best endorser, I’ll be damned if no one gets her a beauty contract 🙂 Perdonally I want Dara to endorse a clothes line.

  41. I’m not sure but maybe because of her age? 30 (korean age). do they have max age for Etude? aigoo if you compare her face with younger idols, they’re no match with her. Anyway, good luck to the new endorsers, they’re nice and cute too. But I guess I need to save up for new cosmetic brand that Dara will endorse hihi. No more etude products for me.. LOL crazy fan ^___^

    Looking forward for Dara’s new projects!!!

    Drama with Jung Il Woo please ^_^ seriously I want DRAMA!!!

  42. kimchininja said:

    Oh that’s sad. I hope this doesn’t mean Dara’s popularity is declining. Sigh. Welp, on other news, I don’t think I’ll be buying Etude products anymore. Loved all the cute ads they put Dara in for the past two years or so, but I was never really a makeup person and only bought Etude stuff because Dara’s cuteness brainwashed me to.

    I hope she gets new endorsements. Something food related that she would love.

    • lol to be brainwashed .. this made me effing rolf .. i’m also not a make up person.. and i’m also asking myself why i bought etude products too, though i still need to purchase it in korea for its not available in this country i’m currently in… i was also brainwashed by our one and truly goddess dee.. saranghaeyo! forever young goddess dee!

    • Hahaha! I can totally relate! One of the reason that I buy Etude is because Dara is asking me too :)))))

    • OMG!! same.. I’m not really into beauty products but bcoz of Dara I start using BBcream.. hahaha..

  43. TONY MOLY ^^aheeh

  44. SM idols?Really Etude really?wow….it’s like stab in the back!!what’s next?nikon?adidas?sigh…Hey YG, 2ne1 needs to hire a good artist manager/PR(like, Now)!!!gosh…

  45. I have a feeling that she will replace Song Hye Gyo as Laneige endorser. That’s why spiffyhyosup mentioned SHG in his earlier post stating that “Dara is better than Hye Gyo”
    Hmmm…Laneige is more expensive 😀 But for sure, we will line up for Laneige if this will happen.

    • Ohh… that makes a lot of sense, maybe that’s the reason why LHS posted that! Oh no I need to save up more! 😀

    • SHG actually endorsed étude before Dara. Along with Go Ara, Park Shin Hye and other actresses. But it was coz of Dara that the brand became big and international.

      I pray we can see Dara endorsing a more high end beauty brand! Please!

  46. i hope there aren’t any speculations about her leaving etude, it’s only natural. and she’s been with the brand for so long. both her and etude need to develop and honestly, i’m excited to see dara endorsing another cosmetic brand, hopefully something more mature and befitting her age (not that i’m saying she should stop acting younger). i look forward to seeing dara in a new brand.

  47. Let’s all restrain ourselves from talking bad things but let’s focus on the positive future. I hope Dara gets a new endorsement soon. I don’t think that it will be too long since she’s proven herself to be a blue-chip endorser.

  48. VipBlackjack187 said:

    So happy for u Dara unni..new year..new projects…hengsho^_^<3<3 we'll support u..always.

  49. it’s been fun with Etude, seeing dara all dolled-up and all~ but maybe etude considered dara’s age…though she looks young… I do hope, other cosmetic brands take Dara 🙂

    I wish the best for Dara! though i must say, I think, sulli and krystal would have a hard time surpassing Dara as endorser… Dara’s a PR officer after all! haha 😛

  50. Sandara Stark said:

    Etude was a fun ride but I’m excited to see Dara endorse a more sophisticated make- up brand that’s targeted to intelligent, independent, and strong women closer to her age. A bit more sensual concept which I think she can pull off very well. It’s about time the butterfly spreads its wings and fly!

  51. So new brand..wow!

  52. Sulli and Krystal pales after Dara!

  53. Hyuwhieyl said:

    Yey excited for Dara’s future projects!

  54. Hair .. Clothsn etc .. I want to see dara to endorse so I can see her 🙂

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