Etude House’s Fun Make-Up Play Microsite, Selected As “Best Website”

The 8th Web Award Korea presented the “Top Performing Award” for the field of cosmetics, and presented the winner of the “Excellence” awards simultaneously!

Etude House was presented with the “Top Performing Award” in the cosmetics field, and was also awarded with an “Excellence” award as a cosmetic brand, in the “8th Web Award Korea.”

The “Web Award Korea” is sponsored by the Korea Internet Specialists Association, where an evaluation committee, composed of different local web specialists and representatives, gather together to find the most excellent website. This year, they evaluated more than 600 websites, before presenting the award at the event.

Etude House’s pearl shining mineral BB Cream All Day Strong micro-site won the top prize in the cosmetics field The micro-site featured products that ensured “lasting clear skin” with various, beautiful images and videos of their advertisement model and representative, Sandara Park (2NE1), and a lot of other activities that users can do, like a quiz event and photoshoot event.

The users and visitors of the micro-site particularly loved the photoshoot event, where they could place their own profile pictures and put them into an Etude magazine ad, they specially gave a good response as they could upload the picture into their SNS site profiles.

Aside from the micro-site, Etude House’s main website was also evaluated. The website had good composition and layouting, as well as a charming feel to it. It also gave various make-up information, and contacts with the admins could happily be done in real-time.

Etude House has also launched “Social Etude” services, aimed towards SNS activity, with information about the latest make-up trends, with a lot of fun and lovely videos and images, and even a “Make-up Tutorial” section, which was received warmly by the younger customers. It has been continually winning awards in the Cosmetics Brand field, for 3 years running, since 2009.


Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara


Etude Play (@etudeplay) tweeted about the event and showed their award!

Trans: [Hello! Etude!] Etude’s website has won three gold medals from Web Awar Korea!!★ Please also play a lot with Etude, and look forward to us in the future~~/>_<)/

Wee! Congratulations Etude and Dara! Looking forward to more collaborations in the future! FIGHTING! ❤

Comments on: "News: Etude House’s Fun Make-Up Play Microsite, Selected As “Best Website”" (7)

  1. Happy to hear that ! 🙂 I Like Etude so much. But no shop in Cambodia. Too long for waiting to buy it from Internet. However, i still support it.

  2. Yipeeeee…Congrats Etude and Goddess Dee<333Definitely looking forward to more collaborations from them in the future!!Hwaiting!!!!

  3. etude and dara do their best!!!

  4. the dara power is getting stronger and stronger neh?! congrats also to etude! you pick the right endorser! yay!

  5. […] Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara […]

  6. like this article..good news,congratz to dara and etude house!!!i hope dara and 2ne1 will be get more, more award for this year..hwaiting!!!2ne1 fan 4ever!!!

  7. great news for Etude and Dara of course. This award will have a direct impact on Dara’s cf career especifically her being Etude’s rep. Hoping for more goods news regarding our dear Sandara Park^^

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