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Photos: Gorgeous Dara and Handsome SHINee for Etude’s Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara


Photos: Beautiful Unseen Pics Of Gorgeous DarBie For Etude DollDollCara Promotions

Pretty Dara is so so so pretty! I love these concept pics! I am happy that someone uploaded them, or else they’d have been unseen forever. T_T There are some pics here, which are really a pity that Etude decided not to use. But I’m so happy that we get to see them! ^.^

More pics in the gallery after the cut!


Photo: Amazing DarBie and SHIKens Etude House Window for Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara

OMG! Now THIS is a show window! I love how it looks! /flailing I want to see this in real life though. TT Wah! DarBie and her SHIKens! ^^


Source: @Nd21_ on Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: DarBie and ShiKens Standees in Etude House Store

I want this DarBie standee! ^_^

Source: marinaysol@instagram

Video: Dara and SHINee for Etude’s Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara “Don’t trust her eyelashes!” (Eng Sub)

Yay its here! ^_^ This CF is just so cute and adorable! Move over Barbie, DarBie is in town and she has 5 Kens!

English Subs

Source: etudeblog@YouTube, TheBlingdinasour@YouTube

Screencaps: Dara’s 3-Step Eyelashes Make-Over Revealed (Etude)


Video: Dara’s 3-Step Eyelashes Make-Over Revealed

Oh my gosh! The gorgeousness that is Sandara Park! And no, that’s not ONLY her eyelashes taht SHINee must have had a crush on. Kekeke! I love the mascara though! Would definitely buy it when it comes out. ^^

[ETUDE] Sandara’s eyelashes which SHINee crushed on, surprising makeover process in 3 STEPs is OPEN!


Photos: Etude Ads For DarBie And SHIKens On YouTube And Etude Website

DarBie and SHIKens everywhere! Pink, pink, all so pink! ❤

Website screen capture! ^^

YouTube background.. ^_^


Sources: Etude.Co.Kr and

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Beautiful DarBie for Etude “Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara”

How much more beautiful can she get? Yes Etude, I love you! (insert dance here!)

Credit: Etude House Korea Facebook Page

Photos: Beautiful DarBie For Etude’s Lash Perm 3Step “Lively Party” Doll Mascara!

So pretty! Smokey eye make up for the win! ❤ It make be more eye make-up than what we are used to seeing on Dara, but it makes her eyes look more mysterious and all. XD 

And it’s a race between Dara fans and MinKen! Who gets the DarBie stand?!

And oh Minho.. We understand how you feel bb.. We feel this way too whenever we see a Dara standee/poster.. We want to cling and take them home. TT

More gorgeous pics after the cut!