So pretty! Smokey eye make up for the win! ❤ It make be more eye make-up than what we are used to seeing on Dara, but it makes her eyes look more mysterious and all. XD 

And it’s a race between Dara fans and MinKen! Who gets the DarBie stand?!

And oh Minho.. We understand how you feel bb.. We feel this way too whenever we see a Dara standee/poster.. We want to cling and take them home. TT

More gorgeous pics after the cut!

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Source: Etude Korea Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: Beautiful DarBie For Etude’s Lash Perm 3Step “Lively Party” Doll Mascara!" (14)

  1. LOL dorky minho!! Goddess Dee& Shinee Hwaiting!!!!!!

  2. So gorgeous and beautiful ! I wanna buy this mascara!

  3. What did they do to Minho’s hair?

  4. I vote dara just t0day i want to vote again f0r 2morrow…. dara and minh0 s0 cute!^_^

  5. queenstar said:

    does she have a cf for this concert? I really love the Darbie concept ^_^

  6. Please vote for DARA on [K-Pop Battle] Sandara Park vs. Taeyeon

  7. ckjack_bla said:

    Woooooooow!!! I’m wondering when they will run out of ideas in styling Dara. Every theme suits her!!! Certified goddess!!!

  8. She’s so pretty and her skin omg. She’s perfect

  9. I LOVE THIS DRESS ON HER!!! We’re not so used to seeing DARA with make-up, as she said before only level 1 kekeke… BUT she still look so DARN GORGEOUS!!!

  10. DarBie and ShineeKen in pink room..!perfect ! ♥
    wow wow wow !:D

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