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Photos: Bloody Devil Dara Packaging for CLIO Products and CLIO’s Beauty Class

I can’t wait to get my hands on these products with Dara’s face on them! ^_^





Magazine: “Sandara’s Bloody Angel” for Ceci Beauty Magazine



Credit: @NOKIOv

Photo: Dara for CLIO Gelpresso AD in Seoul

Imagine walking by this AD? ^_^ I think I would start worshiping it then and there…


Credit: @Gbyul

Cap: Natural Goddess Dara for Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner on CLIO’s Website

Out of all of Dara’s “looks” for CLIO, this photo has got to be one of my favorites. There is nothing more beautiful than Dara in all her natural glory. She looks so serene and beautiful in this shot!

Clio Gelpresso

CLio Gelpresso 2

Source; CLIO Website

Photo: Devil and Angel Dara for CLIO Gelpresso Trend Look


Credit: @neisseria25

Photo: Goddess Sandara Park for CLIO 2013 S/S Making Film “Devil vs. Angel”

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! Can you imagine all the Goddess screencaps we can get from this film?


Credit: @neisseria25