I miss “We Broke Up”~! I am so happy that she found friends in the cast, because she said that she doesn’t make friends easily, so I feel that every friend she makes is precious.. ❤ I love how the four of them are so comfortable around each other, and it’s fun to hear their thoughts.. ^^ And oohhhh! BTS of WBU cast’s Philippines adventures! ^^

[YGK+TV] “WE BROKE UP” Thank You Event ~ Talk Portion

Credits: YGK+ TV

Comments on: "Video/Official: YG-KPlus Releases Fun and Heartwarming “Talk Portion” During “We Broke Up” Mini Concert" (3)

  1. ckjack_bla said:

    Dara is spontaneous, natural and funny!!! LOL when she accused Seungyoon & Kiyong as players!!!

  2. Watched this interview many times already. Loved when Ki Yong said they wouldn’t have fun in the Phillipines without Dara. She made a wonderful memory of a lifetime for her new friends! Too bad Seunyoon couldnt go. You never know what Daras gonna say…example re: kissing scenes, that these two are just like players. Only good friends would she tease like that. In her roundabout way she is saying they are so good and natural in their kissing scenes. Like players who kiss all the time.hahaha. Thank you YGK+ and Oh Dara. Because Dara is a loyal friend, she chooses people who are worth her friendship and how lucky they are! Whatever activities they will be in, you know she will be there to promote them.Thats what she does as a friend and a whole lot more! WBU Family, may you be friends forever!

  3. Feeling all warm and fuzzy and had a silly smile plastered on my face throughout the video ^^

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