HOMYGHAD! This music video is something else! Something out of the box and awesome and gah, my feels, you guys, MY FREAKING FEELS! 2NE1 is back and they are totally slaying!!! DARA THE ACTRESS! COME ON YG, I NEED DARA IN A FREAKING DRAMA! Did you guys see her emotions?! So spot on and perfect! I can feel her sadness and melancholy! There are many interpretations as to the meaning of the MV, what do you guys think?! ^^


Credits: 2NE1

Comments on: "Video/Official: 2NE1 Reveals Dark, Mysterious, Riveting Music Video for Single, “Come Back Home”" (34)

  1. The making of 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” music video is out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRWryevzIPY

  2. hey just want to clarify if the video changed?or was it re-edited..because the video i’m watching right now is different from before….pls reply admin thanks..

  3. This is not about Dara but SERIOUSLY I am worried for CL. H*ll those people can say nasty things about her. I understand they are angry but why tell her to kill herself. They made my skin crawl! I hope, we can show some compassion and love for her. Tch. I hope YGE will clear this up really fast.

  4. DaraFanWhoIsBoredWith2ne1Nowadays said:

    It use to take me 3x of listening to get some apparent luck luster music into my system. Even if I don’t understand what they say the songs rhythm will redeem itself on me. But for some reason 2ne1 music right now doesn’t seem to get enough traction to be likable or exciting. Unlike their previous songs which does. Only the visual part, concepts or their always evolving beauty justify them. But everything else is just unappealing. I really hate putting everybody down. I love daralings and the admin. We share the same bond over the years. But this is how I felt and I need express myself at least. Sorry T_T

  5. lulu_xxiv said:

    I can’t wait for the CBH unplugged version music video! 🙂


  7. our fandom is probably the laziest </3 when it comes to voting and watching the mv *sighs*

  8. any news about our girls standing in the charts?

  9. desiweelovesapples said:

    This MV is not getting many views! It deserves waaaayyy more views… We should create an event where someone comments on a fine bros channel to have teens react to 2ne1- Come Back Home and people like it so that we can gain viewers

    • DaraFanWhoIsBoredWith2ne1Nowadays said:

      their music is no longer great that’s why. The last popular song they have is I Love You. It seems to go downhill from there.

  10. nikkidarling said:

    omgeee im soo. happy felt like crying, and dara has has more linies yes. totally dream come true, and lets not get started with her expressin. 👍👍👏 way the go dara. cant wait for her to come back home here in the philippines. may 17 is sooo reserve.

  11. we’ll never reach the 5m goal guys . arrrgghh. at least let’s make it to 2 or 3M. it’s only a bit tad after 1M.

  12. really cool ^^ I miss seeing this kind of MV and it’s nice to see one from kpop.. I just love everything – song, video, and Dara acting ❤

  13. 2ne1 will totally beat snsd

  14. Dara’s acting has improved a lot, she looked more natural here compared to how she was on
    ‘it hurts” MV. She wasn’t kidding when she said the bleach damaged her hair. The hair style looked good on her though. Thank God Dara’s lines are significant they can’t edit them out and she’s too pretty no matter what so all they can do is shorten them and blur her face a bit.^^
    YG is 2ne1’s own worst enemy, he must have pissed a lot of people who were waiting for the MV when he left them hanging, now they won’t even give a bother to watch it. The songs streams and ranking went downhill since that day.

    I hope that cosmetic company’s paying for at least 75% of the cost of this MV plus the lost the delay has incurred because……..

  15. Dara really was a revelation in this mv. I know she has given hints that she wants to act and do serious roles and i think her acting in mv proves she can do it. Someone hire her for a movie and drama. She was amazing.

  16. i’m happy w/ dara’s part… and i love the mv^_^

  17. CL – as usual, the queen of queens in 2ne1. her solo in the middle part was a nice surprise.

    BOM – she’s really great in vocals, but i noticed that she’s getting a little bit less of screen time than before. and I think we all have similar theories on why that is

    MINZY – she also deed a very good job. her voice fits best in reggae parts of the song than the other girls

    DARA – stunning as always. her having a partner in the vid was a nice surprise as well. and yes, i do agree that this makes one hope she can showcase more of that acting skills in the near future. as for her parts in the song, I saw a youtube reaction vid where the uploader said that whenever she sings “Come Baby Baby Come Come Baby”, it sounds kind of erotic, and i just had to agree with that! 🙂 but its not something bad.. in fact it makes the song even more better, sexier.. it adds a little spunk and that “OOOHHHH…” factor 🙂

    Well Done 2ne1! You killed it! 🙂

  18. It’s more than 5hrs and we’re still at 300k! Don’t be lazy guys. Spread the LOVE

  19. Magtzar said:

    Dara finally got a b/f…introduced him to YG…and then he killed him…lol…jks

  20. This song is sucks!!! Just kidding. They rocks. Now pleased don’t kill me 😀 I’m scared 0.0

  21. AlohaDara said:

    You guys combined said it all so perfectly. So proud of 2NE1 and especially our Dara! Acting part too short, yet powerful, and just mesmerizing.

  22. Daraaaaaaling said:

    Am I the only one or does anyrybody noticed that the views for the MV is like stuck in 301?


  24. daisang said:

    Love both MV! “,) Dara the best! “,) they are all pretty

  25. WOAH! I love the vid!! super!

    i love the maturity of Dara Unnie in this.. i love the hairstyle.. i love the scene.. i love the shorty short..i love the angst.. and what more can i say but that guy is so lucky!!!

    2ne1 you’re nothing but the very best!!! woooooh!!!

  26. ok…i don’t care about what others feel about the MV……..but for me it was awesome…especially that we get to see ACTRESS dara…..the sofa scene was my fav…..GOD YG can you just let dara do a drama…..and the effects are good…i may not be a good critic….but this is my fav MV from them…..

  27. They should have found a better looking guy!!! Dara is beyond beautiful!!! ❤

  28. Dara’s hair still looks cute, even all choppy haha. This makes me want to see her in a drama/movie even more.

  29. Magtzar said:

    This MV just shot pass Bugs Bunny on the Scale of Awesomeness 🙂

    Also can’t believe I didn’t recognise Dara at first I was who is that (lucky)foreign couple lying on the lounge suite…lolz

  30. oh mG, it feels like i hope the mv will not end it will continue what happened next. hhmmm. more please. i really really really love it

  31. Pppppppppp said:

    2NE1 is the best! Dara unnie, when can I see you in a drama? You were amazing in the mv! Sarangahe, Dara unnie!

  32. My sister is throwing a fit! She doesn’t like the guy with Dara-unnie!! LOOOOL!

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