Dara so pretty with this kind of hairstyle! ❤ I am not so enthusiastic with the light purple turtle neck paired with that oversized trench coat, so I’ll just focus on Dara’s gorgeous skin and perfect smile.. Kekeke! ❤ 










Credits: Media outlets via Naver

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 160330 Press Photos of Gorgeous Sandara Park for “Mata Hari” Opening" (4)

  1. I told u so said:

    2ne1 is the ONLY girl group YG has and he fuck it up!!ugh

  2. alohadara said:

    Shells, I told admin before but i dont know how she keeps getting in. disgusting

  3. Why are they still allowed to comment on here?
    >>>>>( I told u so )
    Nothing but hate from this person.

    • I told u so said:

      99%YG Stand=horny fangirls,those asshole only care about boybands.
      I feel bad for 2ne1
      SM Stand(Suju,SNSD,etc)>>>>>>YG Stand

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