Dara’s hairstyle in the Philippines rocked! Like seriously, she totally worked the wavy, long hairstyle! ❤ 


This really pretty girl

But who’s that at the back?ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

 #산다라박 #daraxxi #phillipines #longhair #waves #hairstyle #waveyhair


The reality is that she’s really very beautiful

She really is the best ‘popular girl’ in the Philippines

We had so much fun in this broadcast

 #산다라박 #daraxxi #phillipines #longhair #waves #hairstyle #waveyhair


Loving the way it looks from the back as well

 #산다라박 #daraxxi #phillipines #longhair #waves #hairstyle #waveyhair


Source: abybom_dahyun

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Hairstylist Dahyun Shares “Popular Pretty Girl” Sandara Park’s Hairstyles While in the Philippines" (1)

  1. The hairstylist has a reason to be proud and show off her work during the Penshoppe M and G-I think she did a consistently good job. I really hope she stays away from the alien hairstyles from now on.The make up artist though has not been consistent and maybe she should study what Pony did for Dara at the Mama 2015 stage because that was really the best make-up she had so far. The poorest performance goes to her stylist. I think netizens are now noticing how her clothes and shoes are often too big for her like she’s too lazy to look for the right size. If Dara was not so petite I think the oversize style would have worked but it’s only manage to emphasize it more. I know Dara likes casual clothes but I hope she dresses her in occassion appropriate clothes like why was she wearing a jeans skirt at a wedding? And in Superman, I know she’s the maknae but she’s also one of four hosts-her style should be complimentary to the other three and should not stand out because they’re suppose to be a team. Image Management is a very poweeful tool in marketing artists and I really hope they work harder from now on. Dara needs them to stay in the game. She really needs to peoject a more mature and sophisticated image if she wants to be taken seriously like how applicants are taught what to wear in a job interview to project their confidence and ability.

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