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Instagram: Hairstylist Kim Yoona Shares BTS Pictures of Very Beautiful Dara for “One More Happy Ending” Shoot~ “Paparazzi!”

Dara so so so pretty! ❤


So beautiful, paparazzi 😍





Angel s😻  

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Instagram+Blog: Actress Park Sandara Shares BTS Pics While Shooting for “Echo”, her Short Locks, Looking Like her Mom, their New Maknae Manager Andrew, and Kung Fu Panda-Like JJangmae

Dara is so cute with her short, curly hair! ^^ But in other BTS pics we saw from Echo, she had short, straight hair? Kekeke! I really can’t wait for this movie! ❤916985_947491931953442_716827150_n

With my hair curled like this, I resemble my mom~ Our mom really looked like this when she was younger~ This is so uncanny/ strange!!!  😆 I look like my mom!!! With my curly hair


🔥🔥🔥 You got the fire~

눈내리는 합정동

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Snowing in Hapjeong-dong



Our seven-year manager Jjangmae relaxing himself and warming up by the heater while  at the same time, our new maknae manager Andrew suffers at the filming site ㅋㅋㅋ Blackjacks~ say hi to our maknae manager Andrew!!! 😄👋🏼


All of Blackjack Nolza, long time no see! Did you enjoy your New Year?! I am happy during the shooting of my movie. It’s very cold, actually below zero sometimes, but I’m working hard despite the weather. I found Kung Fu Panda, who looks similar to Jjangmae at the movie theater. LOL! Everyone is playing, but I’m working. That’s why I also want to go the theater and watch a movie, while eating popcorn. I want to go to the theater after I finish filming now. Fighting!! ^.^


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Instagram: Sweet Actress Park Sandara Shares her “Fairy Cosplay” Experience~ “Fairies Don’t Like the Cold”

Dara is super duper cute! Our goddess who fits the fairy concept so well.. ❤


Fairies don’t like the cold~~~ Fairy cosplay ㅋㅋㅋ


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Instagram: Actress Park Sandara Shares the “Angels Bread” Shown in “One More Happy Ending”

The infamous “Angels” bread that made Dong-Mi get mad at Seul-Ah.. Kekekeke! XD So cute! ❤


Angels bread 🍞

엔젤스빵 🍞

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Videos: Fantaken and Press Videos of Pretty, Fashion-Forward Sandara Park at VIP Premiere of “Thinking Of My Elder Brother”

I really am amazed how celebrities could not get blinded by all those cameras pointed at them and all those flashes going off.. O_O There must be a secret! ^_^

Fancam and Press Video of Sandara Park at “Thinking of my Elder Brother” VIP Premiere

Credits: D ace + stardailynews

Video: Arirang’s “Showbiz Korea” Highlights Actress Park Sandara’s Accomplishments + “ECHO” Info

Awww, thanks for this Arirang! ❤ It’s nice to really hear affirmation of Dara’s hardwork and talent from the industry.. ❤ Fighting Sandara Park! We look forward to what 2016 will bring for you! ❤

Showbiz Korea _ Sandara Park(산다라 박) of 2NE1


Official/Photos: Pictures of Radiant, Charming, Beautiful Angel Sandara Park with Pretty “Angels”~ Go Dong-Mi, Han Mi-Mo, Goo Seul-Ah, Hong Ae-Ran, and Baek Da-Jung!

OMGGGGGGG!!! These pictures are really to die for! ❤ Thank you fangirl gods for this! *cries a river* Here we have beautiful, pretty, charming, and radiant Angel Dara in a cute, girly concept, with cute hairstyle, and pretty dress! ❤







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Photos: Press Pictures of “Angels” Performing “Always For You” Released a Day Ahead of “One More Happy Ending” Broadcast

OMG! Can’t wait for the broadcast of the first episode tomorrow! ❤ I’m sure “Angels” rocked the stage! ❤ And look at the collage, you can see Seul-Ah and Mi-Mo talking with each other.. ^^




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Official/Photo+Links: “Angels” Release Official “Always For You” Album Cover and Single

Awww, look at them!!! ❤ Aren’t they just so cute?! Indeed, if they were a girl group, they’d be “fairies” for sure! All are such awesome visuals, and Jang Nara and Seo In Young belonged to girl groups before too.. ^_^


Check out “Always For You” OST on Korean music portals! ❤

BUGS , OLLEH MUSIC , Mnet , Naver Music , Genie , Melon

Photos: Screencaps and GIFs of Charming “Angel” Member “Goo Seul-Ah” in “Always For You” Music Video

Dara is just so so so cute and pretty and angelic! ❤ Of course, she plays the part of “Angels” member, Goo Seul-Ah so well! ❤ For everyone who’s wondering what it would have been like if Dara debuted in a band with a girly concept, well here she is! ❤









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