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Video: “Fairies of the Music Industry” Angels, Release Official “Always For You” Music Video + Trailers

Yaaayyyy! The MV is finally out officially! ❤ Aren’t they just so cute?! And don’t you just love Dara’s voice?! I miss singer Dara so much.. T_T Thank you so much to this cameo, it really is a blessing to us Dara fans! ❤ 

Angels – Always for you MV <한번 더 해피엔딩> OST

Naver TVCast =>

Credits: Sony Music Korea

And trailers for the drama! Let’s watch out for Episode 1 tomorrow evening! ❤

Photos: Press Pictures of “Angels” Performing “Always For You” Released a Day Ahead of “One More Happy Ending” Broadcast

OMG! Can’t wait for the broadcast of the first episode tomorrow! ❤ I’m sure “Angels” rocked the stage! ❤ And look at the collage, you can see Seul-Ah and Mi-Mo talking with each other.. ^^




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Video: Get It Beauty -3D Volume Up with Special Guest Sandara Park (ENG SUBS)



Credit: ibuybeauti

Screencaps: Effortless Goddess Sandara Park for On Style’s “Get It Beauty” Episode 22


Truly, what else is there to say when words cannot do any justice to the beauty that is Sandara Park.






Click the link below for more screencaps!


Video: 140305 Yoo In Na Ranks Her Looks in YG Family for “Get It Beauty Style” ~ Against Lee Hi, Goo Hye Sun, and Sandara Park!

“Get It Beauty” saying, “Korea’s beauty trendsetters are here. When you think YG (in terms of beauty), you think Sandara Park.” Whoaaa! Nice affirmation there. ❤ Yoo In Na so cute! She chose up for herself during the “match” against Lee Hi and Goo Hye Sun, because Hi is “still a baby” and Hye Sun is “so pretty that make-up doesn’t match her as much as it will match me” kekeke, cute and witty In Na! But when “big match” came up with “Yoo In Na vs Sandara Park,” In Na chose “down” for herself and said, “I might have a better body, but she (Dara) is prettier,” the amount of love In Na has for Dara! ❤ Do you guys agree with her ranking? ^^

[ENG SUB] 140305 Yoo Inna Ranks Her Looks in YGFAMILY

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News+Comments: 2NE1’s Sandara Park to Become Special Radio DJ in Place of Yoo In Na

2NE1’s Sandara Park to Become Special Radio DJ in Place of Yoo In Na

2NE1’s Sandara Park will become the special DJ of KBS 2FM’s Raise the Volume.

Filling in for Yoo In Na, who left for China to film Wedding Bible, Sandara Park will be leading the show for a week between May 26 and June 1.

Raise the Volume introduced Sandara Park on its website by writing, ‘We have someone to fill in for DJ Yoo, who had to leave us for a short while, 2NE1’s Sandara Park!

The site also added, ‘The one who can be quirky and playful at times but lovely! We anticipate what new sides of her she can show us, Volume family. Please anticipate our encounter with her and warmly welcome Dara, who is probably very nervous.”


Sandara Park also said, “I’ve always just said that I want to do a radio so I’m very excited for this offer. I will prepare a voice that suits 8’o clock in the evening.”

Ranking number one in listener rating, Raise the Volume is expected to feature Sandara Park’s hidden ability as a DJ.

Credits: MWave

Here are some comments about this news!

  1. [+375, -18] Please stop being shy now, unniㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s fine, it’s fine

  2. [+291, -10] Invite Park Bom as a guest and go with 12D, please.

  3. [+290, -18] Good luck Sandara Park! Fighting!!!

  4. [+255, -12] She’s fresh, so she fits (the radio appearance)

  5. [+239, -14] She did so well during Gayo Daejeon, so fighting!!!

  6. [+54,-4] Sandara’s no make-up is f*cking pretty..

  7. [+51, -3] Yang Hyunsuk, can you please make Dara look pretty. She’s naturally so pretty but you always make her make-up match CL’s, her hair and make-up look so extreme it hurts my heart when I see her like that.

  8. [+41, -3] 2NE1′s been winning these days, fighting!

  9. [+40, -2] Sandara Park is really kind in real life or on Twitter!! I’m looking forward to it and will be listening, unni!!ㅎㅎ

  10. [+40, -3] Make it a visible radio

  11. [+38, -3] I think she’ll do wellㅋㅋ imagining her voiceㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. [+34, -0] Oh, Sandara Darada Parkㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. [+34, -1] Unni, I’m really looking forward to it

  14. [+33, -1] Dara unni, her shyness is cut and she talks well~ I’m excitedㅎ

  15. [+34, -6] A face like that with her age is unbelievable, she really has a baby-face

  16. [+29, -1] They’re same age as me but Sandara is like a dongsaeng, she’s so prettyㅋㅋ

Source: Naver

  1. [+1,031, -6-] Heolㅋ This is special treatment~

  2. [+981, -53] Have Sandara Park and Park Bom do it together… it’s going to be so fun

  3. [+835, -44] It was a critical point when she challenged being an MC at Gayo Daejeon but she did well! I wish for her to do it according to her style!!!

  4. [+740, -31] Noona, I love you. Please don’t do an extreme concept, but do a pretty one.

  5. [+684, -42] Dara speaks very wellㅋㅋㅋ She’ll do fine

  6. [+547, -31] If only Park Bom was with her..ㅋㅋㅋㅋI’ll listen to itㅎㅎ

  7. [+486, -30] Wah!!! I’ll be tuning in!! 2NE1 is the best♥♥

  8. [+443, -33] Her experience when she was in the Philippines is piled up, when she was the MC, she did well~ I’m looking forward to it! Fighting!

  9. [+414, -36] Sandara Park has a unique voice, so I feel that she’ll do wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  10. [+368, -11] Why’s 2NE1 suddenly like this nowadays?? They were in Running Man with other idols, Park Bom is in a show.. What’s this sudden mystery but thank you for exposing them through broadcast.

  11. [+371, -28] Whooh, that’s awesome. Miss Dara, you’ve been interested in this, weren’t you? Knowing that I’ll be able to listen to Miss Dara’s bright voice for a week, this is what you call special event!!

  12. [+257, -18] Oh, I’m looking forward to itㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. [+257, -15] Heol! I’m looking forward to itㅋㅋ

  14. [+243, -19] Dara-noonim is good!!!!! I hope you also find your other person ^.^

  15. [+218, -16] Niceㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ♥

  16. [+206, -7] Instead of watching Dara, I like that she shows this will of doing well to her fans~ I’m excited

  17. [+197, -9] I’m not the type to really tune in to radio but. I’ll listen to it for the whole week. Dara-ssi, fighting!

  18. [+180, -9] Heol, Dara-ya…♥ I’ll make sure to listen to next week’s Volume Up

  19. [+163, -10] Ha, I don’t listen to radio but I’ll make sure to listen for this!!! I’m excited as to who the guest is for next weekㅠㅠ I’d love it if the guests are YG Family like WINNER~ AKMY~~ 2NE1~~~♥

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Article: KpopStarz – “Yoo In Na Of ‘My Love From The Star’ Discusses Her Run-Ins With Big Bang And 2NE1 In The YG Cafeteria”

Yoo In Na Of ‘My Love From The Star’ Discusses Her Run-Ins With Big Bang And 2NE1 In The YG Cafeteria


It’s not your average cafeteria.

When “My Love From The Star” (also called “You Who Came From The Stars”) actress and radio disc jockey Yoo In Na first joined the talent management division of K-pop powerhouse record label YG Entertainment, she never considered she’d be meeting some of her favorite pop stars, over lunch.

In an interviewconducted from a restaurant near the campus of Seoul’s Hongik University and posted Friday to YG’s website, Yoo explained the surreal experience of running into some of her favorite stars over the label’s legendary in-house traditional Korean cuisine.

“I am a big fan of Big Bang and 2NE1, and I constantly listen to 2NE1’s CD in my car,” she said. “It still feels very strange to see them in the company cafeteria.”

The 31-year-old “My Love From The Star” cast member claims she has felt more comfortable at YG Entertainment recently since the label began representing more actors.

“YG Entertainment used to be a nest for singers, but actors are also joining in, so that gives me great comfort,” Yoo said.

She also discussed her friendship with 2NE1 member Sandara Park.

“Although we don’t meet up much, I became really good friends with Sandara Park [since signing with YG Entertainment],” Yoo said.

“People think of her as being quirky, but she also has lots of other sides to her personality. Of course, she does also like to make people laugh.”

And the actress also opened up about her close relationship with solo singer IU.

“We are really close friends,” she said.

“I’m nine years older, but generational gap doesn’t exist between us. She sometimes seems more mature than I am. When I feel down, she comes to me and comforts me and gives me presents. While I’m DJing, she shows up unexpectedly to cheer me on and sometimes gives gifts for my manager to hand to me.”


Source: Kpopstarz

Article: Allkpop – “Yoo In Na Confesses Even She Gets Starstruck by Her Labelmates BIGBANG and 2NE1”

Yoo In Na confesses even she gets starstruck by her labelmates Big Bang and 2NE1


Yoo In Na confessed she gets starstruck at her YG Entertainment labelmates Big Bangand 2NE1 as a fan.

During a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, when asked if she meets up with her labelmates often, Yoo In Na shared, “Since we all have a lot of schedules, it isn’t easy for us to meet up. I like Big Bang and 2NE1 as a fan. I am repeatedly listening to 2NE1’s CD in the car these days. If I happen to meet up with the members at the YG cafeteria, I get amazed. YG used to be mainly a singer agency but our count of actors have increased these days so it gives me strength. Although we can’t meet often, I became close friends with Dara. Everyone knows Dara as a ‘4D girl’ but she also has a side of her that isn’t like that at all. She just has a lot of determination when it comes to variety shows.”

Yoo In Na also revealed how often she talks with her CEO Yang Hyun Suk“I don’t think I’ve had a lot of opportunities to meet and talk with [Yang Hyun Suk] as much as I thought. He does call me once in a while. He starts the conversation, saying, ‘What are you up to these days?’. Even though he obviously knows that I am filming a drama. He advises me to work hard and well which gives me strength.”


Source: Allkpop

Interview: Yoo In Na Admits She’s a Big Fan of BIGBANG and 2NE1



[일간스포츠 정지원·김진석] You can find Yoo In Na (32) in most hit Korean soap operas. She first made her debut in “Unstoppable High Kick!” and later appeared in “Secret Garden,” and “The Greatest Love.” All the pieces that she took part in had high viewing rates and were popular. Yoo In Na didn’t play big roles in all of the dramas. But, she did her best in her role, whether big or small, and added a special touch to the drama. She said, “I didn’t try to be greedy in selecting roles. I just chose roles that I could play well.”

Many people in the media want to work with her. As all of the dramas that she was in was a success, she is also called “an actor who brings good luck.” Recently, her latest soap opera “My Love from the Star” of SBS was also a great success. Yoo In Na played Yu Se-mi, the rival of the female leading character Jeon Ji-hyun. Yoo In Na is also the new MC of “Get It Beauty 2014” in On Style channel, with which she broadened her sphere. For the last 4 years, she has been working as a DJ in the radio program “Turn Up the Volume.” Her experience as DJ can now be found in TV, as well, which all indicate to Yoo In Na’s various talents.

The Drunk Talk with Yoo In Na was conducted in an indoor snack bar near Hong-ik University. The reporter had met with Yoo In Na several times before, but it was the first time to have a drink with her. In the comfortable atmosphere, it was easier to see what kind of person Yoo In Na was. It was hard to see any mean traits in her as shown in some of her soap opera roles. The following is the interview with Yoo In Na, who laughed constantly throughout the interview.

-Do you often meet with other celebrities in the YG Entertainment?

“As each one of us is busy, it is not so easy to gather together. I am a big fan of Big Bang and 2NE1, and I constantly listen to 2NE1’s CD in my car. It still feels very strange to see them in the company cafeteria (laughter). YG Entertainment used to be a nest for singers, but actors are also joining in, so it gives me much comfort. Although we don’t meet much, I became really good friends with Sandara Park. People think about her as being quirky, but she also has other sides. She also likes to make people laugh.”

-How often do you meet with the CEO, Yang Hyun-suk?

“It’s quite less than you think. Sometimes he calls me and asks what I’m doing, though he knew at that time very well that I was doing a drama. He encourages me and gives me power.”

Click here full the full interview!

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140301 Photo: Fan Pic ~ Yoo In Na spotted at AON Seoul Concert D1

Last time it is Dara doing Cameo at You who came from the Stars where in Yoo In Na is one of the Cast, Now its Yoo In Na going to the AON Concert of 2NE1 supporting the Girls. YG family indeed…:)

yoo in na


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