Yaaayyyy! The MV is finally out officially! ❤ Aren’t they just so cute?! And don’t you just love Dara’s voice?! I miss singer Dara so much.. T_T Thank you so much to this cameo, it really is a blessing to us Dara fans! ❤ 

Angels – Always for you MV <한번 더 해피엔딩> OST

Naver TVCast => http://tvcast.naver.com/v/700259

Credits: Sony Music Korea

And trailers for the drama! Let’s watch out for Episode 1 tomorrow evening! ❤

Comments on: "Video: “Fairies of the Music Industry” Angels, Release Official “Always For You” Music Video + Trailers" (1)

  1. Excited about this drama, even if its a cameo 😊 I know Dara is innocent and a sweet personnin real life
    .. hopefully there will be a drama offer for an antagonist or an action movie where she will be an assassin… wahhhh those eyes can kill 😆

    One more happy ending fighting!!!

    Dara for more drama fighting!!!!! 😊😆

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