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Article: KpopStar – “There’s No Group Like 2NE1”

There’s No Group Like 2NE1


2NE1 sure knows how to enjoy their time on stage every single time. Whenever they perform it’s like a festival. They said, “Now we’re really ready to play.” The group recently released their new album Crush, and they said themselves that it’s “like their 1st album.”

Our thirst for a full length album has been resolved. We’ve become accustomed to staying busy, we want to show you more on stage, and we’ve been wanting to sing new songs. But we couldn’t, and that was frustrating. We held our first world tour for 2 years, but unfortunately we didn’t have new songs to sing.”

This album was even more special for CL. For the first time ever she participated as a songwriter and composer, and thanks to Yang Hyun Suk‘s special attention, the album was released on the talented singer’s birthday. At most she started composing the song 2-3 months ago, and she’s been praised by everyone for the completeness of the music.

While making this album, and while we were recording the songs I made, our members have developed a closeness. Although my role is large right now, the other members’ roles can be larger in other songs. Each and every one of our members is very important. That’s what I realized while working on this album.”

2NE1 went head to head against popular girl group Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation had announced their comeback first. Girls’ Generation were scheduled to release their new mini album title song “Mr.Mr” on the 18th, and were supposed to hold their first comeback stage on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on the 20th. The entire album was supposed to be released on the 24th. 2NE1‘s full album release and comeback was scheduled for the same day on the 24th.

However, SM had to suddenly delay their comeback. This was due to Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr” music video data being corrupted. They revealed that they would be announcing a new comeback date because of their damaged music video. YG used the strategy of delaying their album release date as well. YG revealed that they would be releasing the comeback on the 26th for CL‘s birthday, who created 3 of the songs.

But suddenly Girls’ Generation decided to release their full album on the 24th, and 2NE1‘s album released followed thereafter. The two groups were receiving a lot of attention even before their album releases. They both raised expectations with their similarly timed comebacks.

“Our tour was scheduled for March 2nd and 3rd. We didn’t feel very good about not having any new songs for our first tour. Since it was our first world tour we did it happily and worked really hard, but we were eager to hold a world tour after a new album release so that we could perform new songs onstage. That’s why we decided on a comeback date in late February.”

2NE1 overtook Girls’ Generation on music charts and rose to the top. Recently they also took home the number 1 trophy on a music program, and received praise for their unique color in the new album.

“I think it’s really great for girl groups to be active for a long time. In a way, it feels like 2NE1 has overcome a big mountain. Girls’ Generation has probably had very similar feelings. And it’s really admirable that they’re very active in other areas. We support woman power, so we hope for many other such groups.”

2NE1 was then asked, “But aren’t you falling behind in terms of romance?” and the members put on bemused expressions. “That’s true… We keep getting asked about our love lives because it’s White Day, but we really do fall behind,” CL answered, unable to hide her sorrow.

The members are at an age where they should be actively dating. When about to be asked whether they were limiting themselves or not being given the opportunity to do so, Bom said, “We don’t have the opportunity.” CL said, “It’s not too good to be close. There’s a lot of ‘You can’t do this,’ and there are lots of conservative opinions because we’re like little sisters. For the older members, it’s because they don’t go out. To be honest Dara deeply contemplated on the matter.” Dara said, “Yang Hyun Suk and other artists were more worried than I was. I should hurry up and relieve them of this worry,” and let out a big sigh.

“There’s no group like 2NE1. Nor will there be one in the future. We’re confident in that. We’re different in our personalities, our looks, our preferences, and in everything. Whether good or bad, we can’t confidently say that there’s never been another group like us.”

For the past 2 years while they were preparing for this album, 2NE1 members had to endure through a tough time. They didn’t know it at the time, but now that they’re looking back at that period, they feel as if they’ve overcome a huge mountain. Like CL said, 2NE1‘s confidence and passion for performing has grown.

And during that time the relationship between the members has grown much deeper, and all the hard times paid off in this new album. It was a time when they could have easily fallen. But the girls didn’t lean on one another, and instead won through with each member’s strong mentality. That’s why 2NE1 has come back stronger. Now that they’ve overcome such a difficult time, they’re ready for whatever else may come their way.

“We don’t know what that might be. Bumps come up in the road unexpectedly. We think we’ve overcome each situation very well, and we want to do so for a long, long time.”

Credits: KpopStarz

Article: Soompi – “2NE1 and Girls’ Generation to Hold Comeback Stages Next Week on SBS Inkigayo

2NE1 and Girls’ Generation to Hold Comeback Stages Next Week on SBS Inkigayo


Next week’s “Inkigayo” is a must watch!

2NE1 announced through this week’s SBS’ “Inkigayo” that they will have their first comeback stage on the show next week!

“Inkigayo” aired a teaser video for 2NE1′s comeback next week, which you can see below. 2NE1 will perform two songs- one of their title songs, “Come Back Home,” and “Crush.”

“Inkigayo” also aired a teaser for Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation will also hold their comeback stage next week on “Inkigayo,” but their first comeback stage is on “M!Countdown” on March 6.


Source: Soompi

Official: YG Life Reveals Countdown Timer for 2NE1′s “Missing You” New Single and MV Release

Finally a counter! Love this photo, so much feels in it! Can’t wait to listen to the full song and watch the MV later! Just 12 more hours to go!



Source: YG Life

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News: 2NE1 to Return in August with the Most 2NE1-like Song

2NE1 to Return in August with the Most 2NE1-like Song


[OSEN=Hwang Mi-hyun] 2NE1, who is adorning the music scene with a unique reggae single, will return in August with the most 2NE1-like song.

On July 15 at 10 a.m., YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun-suk announced on the company’s official blog that “2NE1’s new single will be an upbeat song that will blast away the hot summer.”

CEO Yang added, “The music video for the new song will be directed by Seo Hyun-seung and choreographed by Japan’s top female dancer and choreographer Sugawara Koharu.”

2NE1 will be showcasing a song with a fast beat and cheerful melody in August in contrast to its genre-breaking unique reggae song “Falling in Love,” which was released on July 8.

Fans are already paying attention to the release of the new song, as it is expected to follow the mainstream flow of popular yet personality-filled 2NE1 hits such as “It Hurts,” “Ugly,” “Clap Your Hands,” “Lonely,” and “I’m the Best.”

2NE1 plans to release a new song every month from July to October and will showcase a diverse musical experience for its fans starting with the reggae song “Falling in Love” and the new fast and upbeat song for the summer.


Source: Naver Star Cast

Article: ‘Monthly Release?’ 2NE1’s Release Strategy Even Surprised Foreign Media

‘Monthly Release?’ 2NE1’s Release Strategy Even Surprised Foreign Media


[OSEN= Young Jin Lim] It seems that foreign media are also surprised at 2NE1’s release strategy of releasing one single per month from July to October.

MTV, and of the U.S highlighted 2NE1’s comeback with their new reggae-style single ‘Falling In Love’ and their release strategy to release one single per month for 4 consecutive months.

On 9th, Online version of MTV stated that “2NE1 plans to release singles one per month and this means you will be facing the best days of your life. Well, it all comes down to your definition of ‘Best’ though” as it expressed its deepest interest in 2NE1.

In addition, Billboard also made a news out of 2NE1’s comeback as they stated on July 8th that 2NE1 plans to release one song a month from July to October. Billboard expressed its expectations towards 2NE1’s future career as it wrote “With their single ‘I Love You’, 2NE1 topped music charts for 2 weeks in a row last year. Moreover, 2NE1’s leader CL ranked 4th on the chart (as of June) with her solo ‘The Baddest Female'”.

Unfortunately 2NE1 was unable to actively show up on screens and stages due to a tight schedule such as their world tour last year. It is estimated that 2NE1 will once again sweep Korea’s Summer and Fall by releasing 4 singles in a row starting with ‘Falling In Love’ on 8th this month. 2NE1 aims to release at least 4 songs until October.

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk commented that he always wished 2NE1 had more time to continue their career in the domestic arena. He added that “This is why we reached a conclusion that it would be better to release these singles one per month, which are outcomes of 2NE1’s tireless efforts in the past 2 years, rather than releasing them in a lump sum. 2NE1 plans to continue their domestic career constantly for this time.” It is also told that they will be throwing a concert in October.

2NE1 is currently wrapping up their current activities on the new single. One related staff from the YG Entertainment stated that 2NE1 is nearly done with their recordings, performance and general preparations.

Credits: Naver Star

Press Photos: 130711 Gorgeous and Fun 2NE1 at “Falling in Love” M! Countdown Comeback Stage

The girls are looking gorgeous while having fun giving all of us a happy, summery vibe! ^_^




Click the link below for more press photos of 2NE1!


Official: Awesome 2NE1 Looking Fierce in Black and White for M!Countdown Comeback Stage

Ooohohhh! Our girls be looking awesome in their black and white Kesh outfits!!! And Minzy is wearing her pink wig! /so happy Wahhh, we can see BlonDara performing live for the first time today, and brunettes CL and Bommie! OMG I am so ready and excited for this! FIGHTING GIRLS!!!



Their sets be looking awesome and summer-y, and makes me want to go to the beach! Though the palm treest do look a bit sad there, kekekekeke! XD




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News: 2NE1, “Running Man” Surprise Appearance… First Time On Body-Challenging Variety Show

NEWS: 2NE1, “Running Man” Surprise Appearance… First Time On Body-Challenging Variety Show

Note: While YGE already released a statement that 2NE1 is going to appear in Running Man, a different news article was released wherein the PD of Running Man said that while there are talks about 2NE1 being on the show, their appearance/attendance is NOT yet confirmed.


4-member group 2NE1 (CL, Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Minzy) is set to appear on SBS “Running Man” for the first time in four years since their debut. This will also be their first variety show intended to challenge their bodies.

According to broadcast officials as announced on Star News, 2NE1’s CL, Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Minzy, will be shooting “Running Man” in an undisclosed location, in the middle of this month.

Broadcast officials stated, “2NE1 will be shooting for ‘Running Man‘ next week, the footages filmed may be aired in broadcast at the end of the month,” they said, “2NE1 members are big fans of ‘Running Man’ so they chose the program as their first variety show program guesting for their comeback.”

In September of 2010, 2NE1 appeared as a four-member group in KBS2 TV talk show program “Win Win,” but the four members have yet to attend a variety show that will challenge their physiques through running, moving, and jumping; this will be the first time they will do so since their debut in 2009. 2NE1‘s guesting in “Running Man” is already being paid the highest attention to.

In addition, viewers are also turning their attention to this to see how the 2NE1 members will get along with the “Running Man” members, which include Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Joong Gook, Ji Seok Jin, Gary, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, and Haha.

Previously, 2NE1‘s agency president, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk, revealed the group’s comeback activities to the fans, which includes appearing in more programs, increasing their usual one-show-a-week appearances, this would include variety and entertainment programs in their endeavor.Therefore, for their comeback, they have chosen the program, “Running Man” for their first variety show.

2NE1 members are said to be already excited for this guesting, as they are already exercising harder and are more passionate in their training, as they prepare for their “Running Man” filming.

Source: Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Interview: Public Raves About 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” for 2 Days: A Face-To-Face Interview



“I want to show the song to our fans as soon as we can. We want to give this gift that we have been preparing for 2 years, in a very pretty package.” (CL)

On July 8, 2NE1 made a comeback with their digital single ‘FALLING IN LOVE’. On the day of the release, it ranked #1 on 9 different music charts. Currently, (on July 9), it is still the leader on charts.

This is the first release for 2NE1 in 1 long year since ‘I LOVE YOU’, a mix of electronic and trot (the older form of Korean pop music). But because they did not carry out any music related activities with ‘I LOVE YOU’, the Korean fans did not get many chances to see 2NE1. Considering this fact, 2NE1’s comeback is the first in 2 years since July 2011 release of their second mini album.

Last month, CL made a debut with a solo digital single ‘THE BADDEST FEMALE’, which marked the start of 2NE1’s music activities. After ‘FALLING IN LOVE,’ 2NE1 will be releasing one song every month until October.


FALLING IN LOVE’, a summery reggae song, is 2NE1’s first attempt at the genre. Its refreshing melody is perfect for the season. This is a collaborated work of YG Entertainment’s main producer TEDDY and CHOICE 37.

 CL said, “Our music always have hip-hop as the base, and we add rock or electronic or other genre. Our hit songs ‘FIRE’ and ‘I DON’T CARE’ also have a tinge or reggae feel to it. But ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ is the first one to have full reggae, and we tried to blend the genre into our own colors. We learned some reggae moves from a Japanese choreographer.

What they did for the new song is quite similar to what the American hip-hop legend SNOOP DOGG would do. When SNOOP DOGG approached reggae, he changed his name to SNOOP LION. The American hip-hop artist and 2NE1 met in person on May 4 when he was in Korea for a concert, and 2NE1 was a guest artist for the show.

 CL said, “Spending time with SNOOP ‘uncle’ affected us a lot in many ways. I especially learned a lot from the way he enjoys music.

On stage, 2NE1 was known for their charismatic female power. But with ‘FALLING IN LOVE’, they are more feminine and comfortable. CL laughed, “We are going to show that we enjoy being on stage. We are not used to this concept yet, and we sometimes think, ‘is it ok to smile on stage?’”


2NE1 is different from other girl groups who are more focused on the concept of “sexy”. To this, CL said, “If that “sexiness” is for the song, and if that’s inspired by the music, then I think it’s ok.”

For 2NE1, “sexy” refers to “confidence and the ability to enjoy, and being natural” (CL), “confidence” (Dara), and “internal beauty” (Minzy).

Their songs rank #1 every time. CL explained, “TEDDY, who produces our song, would probably feel the pressure more than we do. Ranking #1 is important, but the fact that there are fans out there who love us is much more meaningful to us.

Because their song makes it to the top every release, the group must feel stressed and pressured. Plus, this time, a new song will be released every month until October. To this, CL said, “Whether we feel stressed or not, it does not affect the result. So we are going to do our best every time. That way we would not regret it in the future, no matter how we do on music charts. And when we do feel the pressure, it is having a positive influence on us because that motivates us to make greater songs and move forward.”

As 2NE1 has not had many opportunities to meet the fans on Korean TV, they will be seen a lot more frequently from now on. CL commented, “Dara and Bom really want to go on a lot of variety show programs. It’s a chance for us to show the fans what we’ve got!”


2NE1’s initial plan was to perform ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ on SBS’s music program Inkigayo on July 7.  But because of Asiana’s plane crash at San Francisco’s airport, the program was cancelled due to breaking news report. Now they are making an official comeback performance on Mnet’s M Countdown on July 11.

CL emphasized, “Because we can perform any time, we were not upset about it. We are more worried about the people who were on the plane when it crashed. The music program is not important at all, considering what happened to Asiana.

Each member of 2NE1 is a big star, but they are not much different from any other girls in their 20’s. They want to go on dates like other people do. YG Entertainment used to ban their artists from dating, but now the rule is gone. Dara said, “The CEO told me that I should go on dates. But it’s hard to meet people. I hope someone hits one me!” She giggled shyly.

 CL added, “Because we yell out ‘I’M THE BEST’ on stage, people think we are too strong. Not only women, but men also seem to be intimidated by us!

The youngest of 2NE1, 19-year-old Minzy who made a debut when she was just 15,  hoped that “the fans see her mature self on stage.” She added, “I had to socialize with people since I was young, and I deeply feel that it is an important process for me to grow.


2 years ago when they were interviewed for their 2nd mini album, they told us that their characters are “undefined.” CL explained, “I did not want to put a boundary on ourselves by defining who we are. And we are still the same. That’s why we tried reggae for the first time.” About the songs that are to be released in the future, she said, “the songs embrace a lot of different genre and there will be a big twist!

On not being able to perform much in Korea, CL explained, “We felt like we stopped ‘rolling’. Our new song makes us feel like we are ‘rolling’ forward again. We told ourselves that we are starting from zero again. We really wanted to perform and see our fans.

Bom, who was unwell from feeling too nervous about Inkigayo performance on 7th, said, “I am so grateful for the fans that they have waited so long for us. I really wanted to perform. There are so many things to show you, so stay tuned!


Source: YG-Life

News: 2NE1 Sandara Park, “The Fact that I Have a Normal Hairstyle is Shocking”

2NE1 Sandara Park, “The Fact that I Have a Normal Hairstyle is Shocking”


2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed the reason to her “unexpectedly normal” hairstyle.

2NE1 held an interview in an undisclosed cafe in Seoul, Mapo-gu, on the 9th to discuss their new song, “Falling In Love,” which marked their comeback after a year.

In particular, the topic of Sandara Park‘s unexpectedly normal hair style for “Falling In Love” drew attention. Sandara Park is known for her daring and unique hairstyles, so she explains the reason for a seemingly normal style this time around.

Sandara Park said, “A lot of people are curious about my hairstyle when 2NE1 makes a comeback,” she said, “So this time, I felt that doing a normal transformation would be just as shocking, as it is contrary to my previous transformations,” she explained of her trivial(?) blonde hair transformation.

However, Sandara Park quickly added, “We actually did research on this and looked at a lot of samples with the stylists, until we could find the one we could agree on,” she revealed.

In addition, Sandara Park who always changes her hairstyle, in contrast to Gong Minzy who adheres to her short bob cut, “I changed my hair color instead,” she said, “But I didn’t make my hair pink this time,” she said, giving a smile.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 has released their new single, “Falling In Love,” on the 8th, marking the start of their promotional activities.


Source: Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara