The girls are looking gorgeous while having fun giving all of us a happy, summery vibe! ^_^




Click the link below for more press photos of 2NE1!






Comments on: "Press Photos: 130711 Gorgeous and Fun 2NE1 at “Falling in Love” M! Countdown Comeback Stage" (10)

  1. Dear!

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    Best, Jonathan Eller

  2. 21blackjack said:

    I ❤ their shoes

  3. nessadin0 said:

    Like everyone says I love her birthmark. I’m more happy that they didn’t try to hide it because that is a part of Dara and what makes her so appealing.

    • Sandara Stark said:

      I agree! Very well said! It bespeaks of her self-esteem and confidence and it is indeed sexy!

  4. Sunrise Angel said:

    Vampire Dee looks great in mini skirt<3333

  5. waaaaa Dara so pretty baby T.T i love her birthmark, i love everything about her. And her smile, blonde hair, just perfect^^

  6. Yeah! I really like her birthmark! It gives her much more apeal to me.. it’s like a beautiful tattoo! I like her hair down like that so gorgeous!

  7. nHurs89 said:

    dee!!! birth mark is very beautiful and her legs “scream “”OMG””she is the one who has white skin~~daebakkkkk~~

  8. Pppppppppp said:

    2NE1 daebak!!!!!!!!

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