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Video: 140309 2NE1’s Powerful Vocals for “Come Back Home” MR Removed on SBS Inkigayo

[MR Removed] 2NE1 – Come Back Home


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Videos: 140309 2NE1 Performs “Crush” and “Come Back Home” for their Comeback Stage on SBS Inkigayo

2NE1-‘CRUSH’ 0309 SBS Inkigayo COMEBACK



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Interview: 2NE1, “TV Comeback Exciting and Fun… Confidence in Yang’s Choreography”



[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] 2NE1, through an interview, explained how they felt after delivering the first comeback performance of their 2nd full album “CRUSH.”

In the evening of March 9, 2NE1 was in Seoul Deungchondong to make a comeback on SBS’s Inkigayo with their 2nd full album. They showcased their title song “COME BACK HOME” and “CRUSH,” a song that gets its name from the album title. Their performance was indeed dynamic and powerful.

It was a special day for the quartet and the fans as this was the first music program on which they were showcasing the songs from the latest album.

Although their full sound tracks of “CRUSH” came out on Feb 27 and the offline version on March 7, their 2nd World Tour performances in Seoul Olympic Park’s SK Handball Arena on March 1 and 2 were all fans could see. This is the reason fans were anticipating much for the Inkigayo comeback for a long time.

On the day of Inkigayo, 2NE1 met with the interviewer of Star News at the site to talk about how they felt about the comeback.

CL, the leader, commented, “It was both exciting and fun to unveil to the fans our album that came out for the first time in 4 years.”

“We took muck time preparing the new songs and the performances, and it was a delight to reveal it. The choreography of “COME BACK HOME” was designed by our boss YANG, and its quality makes us very confident.”

DARA said, “We were nervous but we also had fun. Starting from today, we will be able to show our fans many more performances on TV from now on.”

BOM added, “We had fun today and we still have a lot to show you. Because we invested so much time in this album and the performances, we are feeling confident about the other performances to come in the future.”

MINZY continued, “I am glad it ended well, and since I just turned 20 I will be able to show the fans more mature performances of a wider range.”

2NE1 once again proved their global stardom by topping various music charts home and abroad immediately after their new album release. The album “CRUSH” ranked #61 in America’s top music site Billboard 200 of the recent weekly chart, breaking the record for K-Pop group.


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News: 2NE1’s TV Comeback ~ Sexy “Crush” vs Powerful “Come Back Home”



[OSEN=임영진 기자] 2NE1 caught the attention of many by delivering a comeback performance that both showcased alluring and charismatic divas, aired on SBS’s Inkigayo on March 9.

The quartet passionately performed the double titles “CRUSH” and “COME BACK HOME.”

The four appeared on stage for “CRUSH” with charisma, dressed in uniforms with a wired-fence in the background. They showed off their wild womanly charms through the outfits that exposed their stunning figures and the alluring dance moves. With “COME BACK HOME,” they aroused attention not only with charisma, but also with powerful energy.

YG Entertainment’s founder YANG HYUN SUK designed the choreography of “COME BACK HOME” himself. Parris Goebel, who choreographed TAEYANG’s “RINGA LINGA,” personally visited South Korea to design 2NE1’s “CRUSH” this time.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 ranked #61 on Billboard 200 with their latest album, writing a record-breaking history of the K-Pop industry.


Source: YG Life

Press Photos: 130711 Gorgeous and Fun 2NE1 at “Falling in Love” M! Countdown Comeback Stage

The girls are looking gorgeous while having fun giving all of us a happy, summery vibe! ^_^




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Video: 2NE1Among Other Artists for M!Countdown Opening

Wahhh! Just seeing the girls even for just a glimpse is making me crazy! Kekeke!

2NE1, Ajax, Sistar, 4Minute, APink, and EXO for M!Countdown Opening


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Project: 120708 United Daralings for 2NE1’s First Comeback Stage!

For 2NE1’s first Inkigayo stage, Dara’s different fansites came together to give her some gifts for 2NE1’s comeback! ^_^ Its nothing much but we just wanted to give her something to show how much we missed her and how much we are happy with 2NE1 coming back. Here are a few photos of our gifts for Dara! 

This project is a joint collaboration of Dara’s various fansites:

OH MY GODDESS, WELOVEDARA, OHDARA, SANDARABAIDUBAR and because she deserves a super special mention, @MamaWowa!



Absolutely epic!!! Unbelievably awesome!!! Like seriously!!! adlfkajd;fklajeoifjal;kdjfaldkjf;alkdjfl;akdjf

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[INFO] 2NE1’s Come Back Stage!


2NE1 “I Am The Best” Comeback Stage
June 26, SBS Inkigayo

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Blackjacks, lemme hear you scream!!! Are you excited? I sure am! A go go go! See on the 26th! ^_^