Ooohohhh! Our girls be looking awesome in their black and white Kesh outfits!!! And Minzy is wearing her pink wig! /so happy Wahhh, we can see BlonDara performing live for the first time today, and brunettes CL and Bommie! OMG I am so ready and excited for this! FIGHTING GIRLS!!!



Their sets be looking awesome and summer-y, and makes me want to go to the beach! Though the palm treest do look a bit sad there, kekekekeke! XD




Source: @MnetMcountdown

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Official: Awesome 2NE1 Looking Fierce in Black and White for M!Countdown Comeback Stage" (11)

  1. Omg minzy lose weight..cant to see them perform.. 2ne1 fighting

  2. Cl looks good

  3. Stylist try to sabotage dara’s look,she tied it up again,she looks like a old lady trying hard to looks young,pls pls…stylist be fair…whats the use of blonde if you tied it up…and the outfit,whats the use of abs exercise if you dont show it,*if you have It,please Flaunt it,she not getting younger*I still think that Dara is the face of 2ne1,so pls.learn from the negative comments if you want to keep 2ne1 on top.

  4. they are all beautiful….

  5. i’m not happy about dara outfit and her hair and that thing on her hair but i’m happy to see her can not wait to see the perform

  6. What time is the mcountdown??

  7. I don’t like Dara’s outfit 😦 She’s too pretty to wear that! Why does she always get the ugly ones!

  8. I want to kick Dara’s stylist why do they have to tie up her hair

  9. The palm tree and Dara’s hair, don’t they look alike?

  10. I’m so ready for this!

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