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Article: Popdust – “2NE1 Delivers Reggae Realness With Breezy New Summer Single, ‘Falling In Love'”

2NE1 Delivers Reggae Realness With Breezy New Summer Single, “Falling In Love”


It’s taken them a whole year, but 2NE1 is finally back on the K-pop scene with their long-overdue new single, “Falling In Love.” The breezy summer jam sees the girls getting their Snoop Lion on by singing and rapping over a reggae hip-hop beat, making it the second time they’ve tackled the reggae genre (the first being their famous “I Don’t Care” remix).

Fans might recognize “Falling In Love” back from 2NE1′s “I Love You” promotions, where it was used as an intro for their Inkigayo comeback stage. If it had actually been released last year on time like it was supposed to be before the group’s album was pushed back, it would’ve sounded a lot fresher than it does now. While the song is still on trend, other group’s have already beat 2NE1 to the musical punch: Girls’ Generation did the Major Lazer dancehall sirens in “I Got a Boy,” and 2PM did the hip-hop dub wobbles thing in “A.D.T.O.Y.”

Blackjacks should love the official music video, which sees 2NE1 breaking away from their signature swagger and b-girl posturing to have some good old fashioned fun in the artificial sun. Seriously, they’re actually laughing and smiling — we can’t believe it! And they’re on a beach, and even though it’s a completely fake beach inside of a studio that looks like the set of a children’s TV show, it’s still nice to see 2NE1 out and pretending to get some fresh air.

Anyway, “Falling In Love” is already racing up the charts at alarming speed, so it looks like 2NE1′s little break hasn’t hurt their huge popularity in the slightest.

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Article: SPIN – “K-Pop Discovers the Trap (and Dub!) in 2NE1’s ‘Falling in Love’ Video”

K-Pop Discovers the Trap (and Dub!) in 2NE1’s ‘Falling in Love’ Video

Diplo’s favorite Seoul-ful girl group plots new album


First ladies of K-Pop 2NE1 are back with their first single since gave them the stadium treatment for his fittingly titled single, “Take on the World.” The girl gang are prepping a brand new album for YG Entertainment and will be sharing a single (plus video) each month until its October release. First up is “Falling in Love,” which debuted yesterday and has already racked up 3.5 million YouTube hits.

The foursome has received praise from Diplo in the past and it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the Major Lazer main brain had a hand in this track. The beat combines sunny No Doubt-style pop with dancehall riddims and trap-rap effects. It’s pretty great — a crossover-ready K-pop club hit if ever there was one (discounting that one) — but if you don’t like it, head diva CL has words for ya: “Yeah, the club is getting ugly I don’t care / Can’t nobody stop the fire let them haters sit and stare.” The ladies slide effortlessly between English and Korean, smooth despite the nasty wobble that pops up in the production.

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Article: MTV Buzzworthy – Robust Moment with 2NE1’s Comeback Jam “Falling In Love”

New Video: 2NE1, ‘Falling In Love’


2NE1 is back with a reggae-tinged, summery video: “Falling In Love.”

We won’t lie: We are having a very robust moment with K-pop sensation 2NE1′s new comeback jam, “Falling In Love.” We say “comeback” because we haven’t actually heard from CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom in a little under a (very torturous) year, but the ladies have thankfullly returned with a brand-new K-pop-tinged reggae jam, “Falling In Love.” And no, you didn’t mishear us — we said, “K-pop-tinged reggae.” (Hey, so what if they pulled the same move in their “I Don’t Care” remix? We want ALL the K-pop-tinged reggae all the time.)

At the top of the clip, the “I Love You” singers are just hangin’ out and laughing together on a (very fake-looking) beach set. As the reggae beat floods in, the girls break into some choreography that is juuust accessible enough for us try at home when nobody is watching, but just hard enough for us to completely fail at.

Suddenly, we’re transported to a gilded, water-covered room (like, literally no floor, just a thin level of sparking water. It’s the kind of thing that’d cause mortals like us to have a level three panic attack, but 2NE1 can walk on water, obviously, so they’re fine), where each of the gals take turns lounging on regal-looking chaises and throne chairs. We should also probably mention that there’s also a gaggle of cute dudes around, who are all ready and willing to wait on and flirt with each lady accordingly.

And there you have it! But before we wrap it up, here’s some more 2NE1 comeback news: Word on the street is that 2NE1 will be releasing a new single every month from July to October (kind of like K-pop Hanukkah!?) when the girls’ upcoming album drops. Translation? These next four months may in fact be the best of your life. Until you get married. Or win the lottery. (It all depends on how you define “best.”)

Credits: MTV Buzzworthy

Article: Billboard – “2NE1 Kicks Off New Album With Reggae-Tinged ‘Falling in Love'”

2NE1 Kicks Off New Album With Reggae-Tinged ‘Falling in Love


The K-pop foursome reveals the first track from a monthly single release schedule before their October album release.

K-pop phenoms 2NE1 have made their long-awaited comeback with new single “Falling in Love.” The reggae-influenced track makes has a breezy, summery feel to it and showcases 2NE1‘s knack for fierce sing and rap stylings mixed with catchy hooks.

It’s not a truly standout moment for the foursome, but it is a nice return from a group that has been missing from the scene for almost a year. The group also gets points for incorporating a rarely-heard reggae genre to K-pop.

The video accompanies the audio nicely with CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom in summer-ready outfits dancing outdoors on the beach and in Jamaica-themed sets. In fact, it wouldn’t have been to surprising to see Snoop Lion pop in for a cameo at one point. There also seems to be an added focus on youngest member Minzy letting her lead both verses and rocking a florescent pink wig.

In addition to dropping “Falling in Love,” YG Entertainment has announced that 2NE1 will be releasing a new single every month from July to October, when its new record will be released; it has not been decided if it will be an EP or full-length album. The lengthy wait is odd, as fans may remember hearing a similarly-sounding intro track (featuring CL rapping in English) when 2NE1 performed “I Love You” on TV last summer. If the track had been crafted a year ago, what was the hold up?

2NE1 last made a splash on the K-Pop Hot 100 with their only 2012 single “I Love You” reigning No. 1 for two weeks last summer. Leader CL recently released her debut solo single “The Baddest Female” which peaked at No. 4 last month.


Source: Billboard

News: Inkigayo Cancelled – M Countdown Now To Be The First To Reveal 2NE1’s “Falling In Love”



[enews24 손보경 기자] On July 11, 2NE1’s performance of the new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ will be unveiled for the first time on Mnet’s M Countdown.

On July 7, YG Entertainment announced, “The first comeback performance of ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ will be revealed on M Countdown.”

Initially, 2NE1 was scheduled to perform on Inkigayo in the evening of July 7 before releasing their song. But due to Asiana’s plane crash at San Francisco’s international airport, the television broadcasting system inevitably had to cancel the show.

Thus 2NE1’s music video and the actual song, ‘FALLING IN LOVE’, will become available to listen on July 8 at 0 a.m. This will quench the thirst of the long-awaited fans.

2NE1’s last song ‘I LOVE YOU’, a mix of electronic and trot, attracted much attention when it was revealed last July. And they are returning after one long year with ‘FALLING IN LOVE,’ a reggae song – a style that has not yet been tried by the group. However, it is already expected to sweep across the music world this summer again.

2NE1’s teaser image of the upcoming song features very cool and fresh summer looks of each member. Another teaser image that captures them as Egyptian goddesses are building up curiosity as well.

The song, which will be unveiled before their comeback performance, is keeping music lovers very excited. Fans are thrilled to see what kind of wonders 2NE1 would do this time with their performance on July 11.


Source: YG-Life

News: Reasons Behind 2NE1’s Sleepless Nights for Dance Practice

Reasons Behind 2NE1’s Sleepless Nights For Dance Practice

BOSOKIcCMAA_hAe.jpg large

2NE1, for their first attempt at the genre of reggae, are planning to perform without any other extra dancers on stage. Only the four will be dancing.

They are scheduled to unveil their first performance of the new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ on SBS’s Inkigayo on July 7. 2NE1’s plan is to do this without the help of extra dancers.

Their comeback song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ is the first in one long year, and is new genre for the group – reggae. Many are curious to see this challenge for an unfamiliar genre rarely made by girl groups. Expectations are building up even more intensely, as they are boldly making a comeback without any other dancers.

Personnel from YG Entertainment told OSEN on July 7, 2NE1’s members are spending sleepless nights for their first performance on Inkigayo. They are devoting themselves in making the choreography perfect. You should be excited because we invited an overseas choreographer for the first time.”

They added, ““The absence of dancers on stage forces 2NE1 to work and prepare even harder, because just the four of them will be on stage.”

Every time they made a comeback, 2NE1 attracted much attention from the public with their exclusive performance, and this time many are curious to see how unique their new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ would be.

The teaser image that was revealed on July 4 featured them in cool and breezy outfits with a beach in the background. Each member showed off their cute and fresh self with their hairstyles and outfits.

Unlike before, 2NE1 will be making a comeback when the song and music video are released on July 8 at 0 a.m. after their performance on Inkigayo.


Source: YG-Life

Official: YG Life Reveals Countdown Timer for 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” New Single and MV Release

Oh yes! We have a counter! Wooohoooo! Loving the summer-y feel of this one! Kekeke! Wahhh! Single and M/V release in roughly 24 hours! ❤

BOf-1oyCUAAO7KP (1)


You can view the live counter here on YG LIFE!


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Twitter: BlonDara Does Abs Exercise in the Midst of MV Shooting ~ “Fall In Love With 2NE1 Tomorrow!”

Blonde hair Dara! BlonDara for rthe win! Ooohhh, is that a green hairstrip braided with her blonde hair? ^_^ Weee, cannot wait for the music video! ❤

BOfQWrxCAAAtVPB DaraExercise

Not resting, even while shooting for the music video, instead, doing some abs exercise. Steadily doing physical training for a year prior to our comeback. Finally, tomorrow!!! 2NE1 comeback!!! Falling In Love!!! Revealing the first broadcast at SBS Inkigayo ^_^ Everyone, fall in love with 2NE1..


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Official: YG Entertainment Release Statement on 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” Single Release






Hello everyone, this is YG ENTERTAINMENT.

This is an announcement for 2NE1’s new song [FALLING IN LOVE] which will be released on July 8 at 0 a.m.

2NE1 finally returns with their new song [FALLING IN LOVE] after one long year! They will make a TV comeback on July 7, and the song will be released on July 8 at 0 a.m.!

[FALLING IN LOVE] is reggae, a perfect genre for summer embracing various colors and strengths of each 2NE1 member – certainly a heart winner of enthusiastic fans and the public! The teaser image already gave you a sneak-peek of a summery and beachy look, so stay tuned to see their fashion and extraordinary stage, and to see what kind of wonders 2NE1 would do this time with their new reggae song!

Please read below for more details.



▶ Song Release Date: July 8 2013 (Mon) 0a.m. on individual online music websites

Stay tuned, everyone!

Thank you.


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News: Comeback D-2 2NE1, Turns Into Eygptian Goddess

Comeback D-2 2NE1, Turns Into Eygptian Goddess


More and more people are awaiting for 2NE1‘s comeback with their new reggae style song as they reveal the above image. In the image, 2NE1 turned into an Egyptian goddess.
On 5th, 2NE1 revealed their comeback photo through Naver Music. In the background is what seems to be sun-filled Egypt. 2NE1 boasted their charismatic grandeur in light outfits.

In the previous teaser, 2NE1 demonstrated an image of bright girls enjoying the beach. More are looking forward to 2NE1‘s new single that would be more than just a summer song as this teaser describes a charismatic image of 2NE1 as well.
Known for the strongest sound source power among girl groups, 2NE1 have announced they will perform the singe on stage prior to the sound source release. On 7th, 2NE1 will be staging their comeback performance on SBS ‘Inkigayo‘, a day before the sound source release of their new single ‘Falling In Love‘.
Many wonder whether the Egyptian goddess image will be demonstrated on the stage as well.

2NE1 has been tirelessly working on their new single, released a year after last year’s trot-style ‘I Love You‘, even by inviting a foreign choreographer for a new level of performance. 2NE1 plans to show up more frequently on both screen and stage.


Source: Naver