New Video: 2NE1, ‘Falling In Love’


2NE1 is back with a reggae-tinged, summery video: “Falling In Love.”

We won’t lie: We are having a very robust moment with K-pop sensation 2NE1′s new comeback jam, “Falling In Love.” We say “comeback” because we haven’t actually heard from CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom in a little under a (very torturous) year, but the ladies have thankfullly returned with a brand-new K-pop-tinged reggae jam, “Falling In Love.” And no, you didn’t mishear us — we said, “K-pop-tinged reggae.” (Hey, so what if they pulled the same move in their “I Don’t Care” remix? We want ALL the K-pop-tinged reggae all the time.)

At the top of the clip, the “I Love You” singers are just hangin’ out and laughing together on a (very fake-looking) beach set. As the reggae beat floods in, the girls break into some choreography that is juuust accessible enough for us try at home when nobody is watching, but just hard enough for us to completely fail at.

Suddenly, we’re transported to a gilded, water-covered room (like, literally no floor, just a thin level of sparking water. It’s the kind of thing that’d cause mortals like us to have a level three panic attack, but 2NE1 can walk on water, obviously, so they’re fine), where each of the gals take turns lounging on regal-looking chaises and throne chairs. We should also probably mention that there’s also a gaggle of cute dudes around, who are all ready and willing to wait on and flirt with each lady accordingly.

And there you have it! But before we wrap it up, here’s some more 2NE1 comeback news: Word on the street is that 2NE1 will be releasing a new single every month from July to October (kind of like K-pop Hanukkah!?) when the girls’ upcoming album drops. Translation? These next four months may in fact be the best of your life. Until you get married. Or win the lottery. (It all depends on how you define “best.”)

Credits: MTV Buzzworthy

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